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Tony Howell

Registration is now open for my

Winning Website Workshop


Why register?

Your Google results!

When someone searches your name (and hopefully then finds your website and brand)... these business tools are either working for or against you 24/7 and around the world.

You need to start treating yourself as a product in a competitive marketplace. If you want to go from "artist" to "business" (or even "empire"), you've got to start by showing the world how you want to be seen.

Get some professional representation! Stop waiting for the next job, perfect content, going the cheap route, or avoiding it all together. I'll help you connect all the dots… from your Google results down to your email signature!

Perhaps you've tried Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace on your own? They’re not as easy as they seem. Beyond that, having a website isn’t the same as having a website that's winning results. 

You can easily create larger audiences, opportunities and offline results. I’ll show you how! 

  Tony Howell , Instructor

Tony Howell, Instructor


Perfect IF….

  • You need a (new) website.

  • You aren't tech savvy.

  • You value good design: beauty and brains!

  • You want to shape your Google results.

  • You want to shape your industry perception.

  • You want to easily update your own website.

  • You want to finally get it done—quickly, easily and on a budget!


You Get four LIVE workshops

What to Expect

Together, we are going to do a custom website design around your content, goals, personality, style, audiences, mobile devices, search engines, social media, email and more! With detailed and step-by-step instruction (plus several "hot seat" demonstrations), this is exceptional design met with complete personalization and strategy. As a special bonus, I'm adding 10-minutes of bonus Q&A time before and after every session and video recordings for absentees!


LOCATION: in-office or From Home

Schedule: Mondays or Thursdays

  • Monday, 3/5 @ 6pm EST
  • Monday, 3/12 @ 6pm EST
  • Monday, 3/19 @ 6pm EST
  • Monday, 3/26 @ 6pm EST
  • Thursday, 3/8 @ 6pm EST
  • Thursday, 3/15 @ 6pm EST
  • Thursday, 3/22 @ 6pm EST
  • Thursday, 3/29 @ 6pm EST

+ TWO Private ConsulTations 

I want to offer you my personal assistance to troubleshoot any hurdles you may encounter—whether tech issues or difficult branding decisions. I've added these two private sessions within the course (60-minutes of 1:1 strategy or design done by phone, video or in-office—valued at $350) because I'm committed to helping you achieve the same results as if I were just doing it all for you!


= One Simple, Sexy and Smart Website

I’m including my full portfolio above so you can see artists of all levels and mediums, as well as some creative projects or businesses. Take note of the versatility... but that these are all simple one-page websites. 

My end goal is for you is to get more work and/or make money from your new website. We can also set up your page to grow your audience on social media or even email! Beyond building and designing the website together, I'll also teach you how to announce it and continue to keep it up-to-date!


I need you to understand…

You can do this!

I actually need you to be my shining student and next success story for future sales. As such, I’m fully committed to helping you get incredible results.

+ Will this be too advanced for me?

If you can log into our "FaceTime" classes, you can absolutely do this. I'm going to do the heavylifting and have private sessions to give you any additional support needed!

+ Will my website look that good?

It should! With your permission, I will freely offer you my professional design opinions. As I said before, I'm committed to helping you achieve the same results as if I was doing this all for you!

+ Is this really all I need?

Honestly... yes. I'm seeing website strategy evolve from a portfolio of "here's everything I've ever done" to a simple "here's what's next." This keeps your website current and also helps direct people to your email or social media to learn more!

+ Will this fix my Google results?

Google is an algorithm. While I cannot guarantee that we can 100% control your Google results, I'm happy to report that all of my students are at the #1 position on their Google results. If you have a common name, this is a bit trickier, but we'll take all of the steps we can to help you get found, seen, and then hired!

+ What if I miss a class?

All classes will be recorded and emailed out after.

+ What if I’m getting new photos or videos?

You can add them later! Know that, like your craft and career, your website will never be finished or perfect. It should always be growing... so let's get it going!

+ Can I add on later?

Absolutely! I'll teach you how to continue to add, edit and refine your website.

Do know that this is also level one—building a sexy and smart one-page website that shows up on Google, mobile and gets results. I plan to roll out a level two course later this spring—building a larger, more robust, multi-page website... but you may not need to go larger!

+ What if I’m not happy?

If you're not happy by the end of the course, I will happily refund your money, minus the domain and hosting fees paid to Squarespace. If I don't deliver the value, I don't deserve your money!


Are you Ready to

Design your Dream Home?

Registration Closes Friday, 3/2 at 12pm EST!