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Tony Howell

You might wonder...

+ Why are you doing this?

My mission is to design your future.

  • Make things... (like a website)
  • Make things better... (like your Google and career results)
  • Make things happen... (get an agent, job, more subscribers or sales)

+ What do I need to get started?

You need a computer and clarity on your goals. I know your question may actually be about content, but we’ll use what you have now! We'll build around that existing content and you can continue to replace with better photos, videos, résumé credits, etc. The website serves as a 24/7 international bridge to where you are and where you want to be.

+ What if I’m getting new photos or videos?

You can add them later! Know that, like your craft and career, your website will never be finished or perfect. It should always be growing... so let's get it going! Don't get in your own way.

+ Can I add on later?

Absolutely! I'll teach you how to continuely add, edit and refine your website.

+ Will this be too advanced for me?

If you can log into our "FaceTime" classes, you can absolutely do this. I'm going to do the heavylifting and have private sessions to give you any additional support needed! You’ll also have the tools, skills and strategies to continually improve and grow with your website after out class is over!

+ Which level should I choose?

Honestly... it's up to you. I'd base your decision on the size of website you think you want.

Think of Level One like an interactive online business card (that just so happens to be easily found and garners new jobs, ticket sales, social media followers and more). Though Level One websites are only one page, that truly may be all you need for a while. Level One websites will still show up on Google, mobile devices and create offline results. Level One+ includes two 60-minute private consultations with me—valued at $350.

If you want to grow and build the larger “dream home”, join Level Two! You'll have a larger, more robust and interactive website. We'll design seven pages together... but you can add/edit/refine as needed!

  1. Home
  2. About
  3. News
  4. Video
  5. Photos
  6. Résumé
  7. Contact

+ What's the schedule and what if I miss?

There's no behind. I understand that life happens. All Master Classes and Hot Seat Q&A sessions will be recorded, emailed to you and remain easily accessible in a private membership website.

Master Classes: Level One + Level Two
Personalized Platform
Professional Polish
Publishing Party

Master Classes: Level Two Only
Scale, Structure + Style
Personal P.R.
Gorgeous Galleries
Grow Résumé + Results
Mobile + Google

Master Classes are recorded training video on Tony's personal website design and development strategies. They will be emailed 24 hours in advance of Q&A sessions. The schedule for these LIVE Hot Seat Q&A sessions is as follows...

Q&A: Level One + Level Two
Monday, 3/20, 7-8pm ET
Wednesday, 3/22, 7-8pm ET
Friday, 3/24, 7-8pm ET

Q&A: Level Two Only
Monday, 3/27, 7-8pm ET
Wednesday, 3/29, 7-8pm ET
Friday, 3/31, 7-8pm ET

These LIVE video conference calls will help you personalize the training and optimize your work. If you're unable to attend, you can submit questions in advance and watch the replay recordings.

+ Will my website look this good?

It should! With your permission, I will freely offer you my professional opinions and design strategies. As I said before, I'm committed to helping you achieve the same results as if I was doing this all for you!

+ What if I’m not happy?

If you're not happy by the end of the course, I will happily refund your money, minus the hosting fees I pay to Squarespace. If I don't deliver the value, I don't deserve your money!