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"Helped solve a couple of issues I couldn't crack on my own"

"Tony was so helpful with my website. I'd already built the majority of it, and he generously helped solve a couple of issues I couldn't crack on my own. He listened very attentively to my questions, addressed each very thoroughly, and helped me with issues I didn't even know I had. After my meeting with Tony, I felt much better about the progress I'd made and about how to get the most out of my site!"

-Adam Wolfe, Musician, New York, NY

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"Honest guidance on complex decisions"

"I had my domain and had the very bare bones in place, but there was minimal design and very little polish. I cobbled it together on my own with the skills and free-time I had at the time. Let's just say, I give myself credit for what it was, but it wasn't good enough - not for me, not for my clients, not to compete in the market, and not to represent me and what I do. It was there, I guess, but wasn't really a cohesive, thoughtful and welcoming 'home' as Tony calls it. I wasn't sure what it would be like to delegate such a complex and personal project to someone else. At the beginning, too, I was in a tight financial situation, so trusting someone else with my IP, data, digital presence and hard-earned money was a tough one! Because I could see where I wanted to be, and what it would take if I tried to become an expert and implement everything on my own, I hired Tony. There is enormous value in realizing what you’re good at doing, and realizing where it's worth it to outsource and partner with someone who can help you! Tony provides a tangible service, but also one that feels safe. He’s on the pulse of the important social media/marketing trends and offers accessible, honest and entertaining assistance! Tony and his team are always striving to over-deliver and really understand each client so that the end result is really representative of them. Beyond that, Tony will provide you with honest guidance on complex decisions that have to be made in design, business, or functionality. You feel like you’re working on a team (not just a client), and when you're in business for yourself, it's nice to feel like you're not alone. And the best part? I got a friend out of it! I know, it's kinda cheesy, but honestly, I did. You can't really put a price on someone just 'getting you'. It made the work easier, it made me feel validated and things eventually went really quickly as well - which is a cost savings, too! I have personally benefitted, but so have my clients and so has the product! I’m now much more connected to my brand and customers because I feel supported and empowered to provide a service to them in the way I want to, and through the 'home' that I want to. What better benefit than feeling proud of your work and your self? I know how helpful it has been to me to hear from people who have told me that they like my work, they like me, and that what I do makes a difference - so I'll say the same to Tony! Thank you!"

-Lindsay Rider, Artist + Entrepreneur, New York, NY

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StrategyTony Howell
"Turned getting new clients into a one-step process"

"Tony helped me with tweaks on my website that ended up being invaluable. He turned what was previously a multi-step process in getting new clients into a 1-step process. It's made all the difference in putting on new business. Now, when someone contacts me through my website, they've already made the decision to work with me. I don’t have to 'sell' them on anything. Working with Tony was eye-opening, informative, game-changing and, also, a lot of fun."

-Michael Buckley, Actor + Entrepreneur, New York, NY

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"Warm, friendly and a wealth of knowledge"

"I met Tony through a seminar he did Stagedoor Connections. I instantly knew from his energy I wanted to work with him more personally! He is warm and friendly, but also a wealth of knowledge, tips, tricks, and advice! He is generous and makes the overwhelming task of trying to conquer the world wide web feel more achievable! I feel lucky to have crossed his path."

-Erika Lynn Guthier, Actor, New York, NY

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"Personable, positive, and comprehensive"

"For years I worked as a Producer on Broadway shows that obviously utilized social media, but I never engaged for my personal use and expression. Tony was fantastic in initially helping me sweep through my own Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that I became very well versed in each of these platforms. I learned that once I was completely fluent in the language and use of various social media platforms—it was really effortless to keep up! Since then, I've consistently come to Tony with specific social media questions and with specific goals in mind. He comes to the table with organized research and thoughts prepared for our work together that delivers productive food for thought and direction that leads towards success! And - he does it in his way - his style - which is personable, positive, and comprehensive! Tony is fantastic!!!"

-Fran Kirmser, Producer, New York, NY

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"Can rely on him 100%"

"Tony is a talented designer and an all-around creative thinker who brings a sense of responsibility and enthusiasm to any task he takes on. I trust Tony’s judgement and artistic sensibility and can rely on him 100%. In addition to design and strategy, Tony is extremely organized and able to manage projects and others. I highly recommend Tony!"

-Jason Cocovinis, Director or Marketing, MTI, New York, NY

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"Enabled our show to move to the next level"

"I can recommend Tony with total confidence. He is an extremely talented artist—intuitive, thoughtful, present and risk taking. His knowledge and excitement for social media has enabled our show to move to the next level. He is organized and concise in his presentation. Tony is also creative in his ideas for using social media in a world where a tweet can make a difference. Tony Howell would be a great addition to any team." 

-Tricia Brouk, Artist + Entrepreneur, New York, NY

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"Wonderfully energizing and empowering"

"Tony is the kind of person you want to have on your team and establish an ongoing relationship with. He's warm, generous and tremendously resourceful. Brainstorming with him is a wonderfully energizing and empowering experience. Rather than focusing on only one online medium, he provides strategies that tie various online platforms together to enhance their overall reach, and genuinely represent who you are and what you're doing. In the growingly superficial environment of social media, he focuses on quality, rather than quantity. I hope his reach will extend to universities, unions and other places, where creators need to make their voices heard throughout all stages of their careers."

-Ruth Priscilla Kirstein, Artist, New York, NY

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"Brilliantly conceived and well articulated"

“My online presence was well intentioned, but haphazard. I was particularly confused about which platforms should be ‘personal’ and which ‘professional.’ I wasn't savvy about how to use social media to generate professional relationships and amplify my work. I feared becoming overwhelmed with having to maintain multiple platforms plus a website; and I wanted the process to be creative and productive, not onerous. I needed help focusing my on line presence and delineating my ‘brand’ and your advice and vision were so positive and encouraged all my best qualities and talents! Tony has a brilliantly conceived and well articulated approach to using social media. The care and meticulousness with which he prepared his analysis and custom recommendations for me, and the thorough and informative consultation that accompanied them, laid out for me a plan of action that has undoubtedly benefitted my career. Tony instilled a work ethic in me in regards to what I post and how I use social media. I think before I post… and the thought process is about: am I offering something that contributes or something that detracts? Am I just blowing off steam, or am I expressing my passion and my convictions in ways that encourage or inspire others? I can say without hesitation that every time I attend an audition, or run into people in the business, there are comments that it looks like I am always working and always doing great and exciting things! This is a direct result of adopting the good habits that I learned with Tony! The work is specific. It’s customized to the needs of the client. It’s always about positive messaging and rich content. He provides a clear, comprehensive assessment of the entire online presence of the client. From there, a guiding and encouraging partnership in creating and honing the best and most consistent brand… not driven by trends but rather by the intention and talent of the client. I can honestly say I don’t know of a service quite like this and I would recommend it to any professional seeking to enhance his or her web presence and create a dynamic and successful profile.”

-James Beaman, Actor + Coach, New York, NY

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