"Both of my websites have been brought up in job interviews"

"I’d tried to do things on my own for awhile, but it didn't look as professional as I wanted. I was sending people to my website, but it continued to give off the impression that I was young and still figuring things out. I was afraid of the investment of brand building and management, and I was nervous about not being totally in control. After seeing Tony’s keynote presentation at MTEA, I was incredibly impressed. I knew that he was MUCH more knowledgeable than I could ever be and that he had worked with people in my exact same position. Both of my websites have been brought up in conversations for job interviews or just meeting a new friend. I love that they are clean, accessible and that I was given the tools to do everything myself in the future. I love directing people to my websites because I know they will learn a lot about me as a person and the sense of professionalism I bring to each project. I also like that I have learned more about what builds a brand and website! I can go on to share it with my students as they enter the business.”

-Jessica M. Humphrey, Actor, Producer + Educator, Fort Worth, TX

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