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"Clear, engaging and inspiring - an invaluable godsend"

“My solo play, HOLD THESE TRUTHS (, is currently being produced across the country, and I needed to update its website, but I kept procrastinating because the process seemed so intimidating. Tony’s course on creating a website – clear, engaging and inspiring -- was a godsend. Working my way step-by-step through the course, I was able to replace the old website with a new webpage in a matter of days, one I’m tremendously pleased with. I would enthusiastically recommend Tony’s courses to any artist needing help with this, or related efforts. I love that he is always available to help you through the process should you encounter any difficulty, and he is gracious and generous in sharing with you additional valuable tips and insights. Thank you Tony for making these invaluable courses available to our artistic community!”

-Jeanne Sakata, Actor + Playwright

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"Changing my life in noticeable ways from the very first lesson"

“When I first signed up for Tony’s online course, I had an idea for a new business, but lacked the necessary skills to fully realize how to form and market it. It was just this super fun idea that ended up getting some unexpected traction, and I realized I would have to update my mind and skillset completely in order to stay on a train that was flying out of the station. I was surprised and thrilled to learn that Tony’s teaching method offered immediate solutions that pin pointed exactly what I needed, right when I needed it! The course was changing my life in noticeable ways from the very first lesson! I watched, applied, watched and applied, absolutely loving his laser focused specifics. Within just a few months (and not even half-way through the whole course) my business idea became a clear game plan, I created and claimed it’s title name, formed it’s LLC, designed its brand, and launched it across all social media platforms—which got the attention of a funding producer who is now in the process of pitching it to networks in the US and Britain! And again, I'M NOT EVEN HALF WAY THROUGH THE WHOLE COURSE, and am psyched at everything I still have left to learn and apply! Tony’s course was the best thing I could have done to get my career on track (while twirling with anxiety and overwhelm). Thank you, Tony!”

-Ellen Z. Wright, CEO, Apartment Rehab NYC

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"Watching Tony's process and hearing the rationale was invaluable"

"The biggest value of this class is the final product.... a beautiful and functional website! However, watching Tony's design process and hearing the rationale behind each choice was invaluable. Now that I've had a website for a couple of years, I appreciate what a valuable tool it is. It's a great streamlined way for people to get to know my work and get in touch. For example, a casting director who sees my work onstage can find my website url in my bio and contact me through the site for auditions, which has happened! Plus in my training, I learned all the tools I would need to keep my site up to date. So I feel empowered to add and adjust whenever I feel it's necessary. I have a better understanding of how to compile information about my career in one place, make myself more visible online, and how to use the web for networking."

-Daniel Hurst, Actor, Chicago, IL

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"I now have a website and can maintain it myself"

"I spent money, time and effort to obtain new headshots, reels and demos. I felt that the best place to showcase these things was a website. I had tried to build one on my own, but I needed support. What seemed like an impossible thing became possible with Tony's class. I now have a website and can maintain it myself. Tony is inspiring—positive, personal, professional and passionate about the business! All of this comes through in his teaching, and I was so excited for every class!"

-Bonnie Borst, Actor + Model, Houston, TX

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