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"Watching Tony's process and hearing the rationale was invaluable"

"I wanted a website where I could compile information about my career in one place. The biggest value of this class is the final product.... a beautiful and functional homepage! However, watching Tony's design process and hearing the rationale behind each choice was invaluable. I feel like I'm better poised to launch my career in the direction I want to go. I have a better understanding of how to make myself more visible online and how to use the web for networking. I am set up to confidently make website adjustments on my own and am hoping the website will play a direct role in future bookings!"

-Daniel Hurst, Actor, Chicago, IL

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"I now have a website and can maintain it myself"

"I spent money, time and effort to obtain new headshots, reels and demos. I felt that the best place to showcase these things was a website. I had tried to build one on my own, but I needed support. What seemed like an impossible thing became possible with Tony's class. I now have a website and can maintain it myself. Tony is inspiring—positive, personal, professional and passionate about the business! All of this comes through in his teaching, and I was so excited for every class!"

-Bonnie Borst, Actor + Model, Houston, TX

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