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"Tailors programs to individuals' needs... meaningful"

"Social media was something I'd been avoiding, mostly out of fear. Tech overwhelm kept my online presence pretty nonexistent! However, my career demanded it. Tony is incredibly knowledgeable and generous with his expertise. He is so passionate about what he does—and it comes out so clearly in all his trainings! He tailors his programs to the individual's needs. His focus on branding makes the work more meaningful. Tony makes social media accessible and not so overwhelming! I learned a tremendous amount and have gone from a nonexistent online presence to a healthy, growing one!”

-Rachel Errington, Actor, New York, NY

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"Always there to answer questions"

"Tony adds pizzazz to any course he teaches. He is constantly discovering current trends, and is so generous with his knowledge and know-how. Tony is always there to answer questions, to help you create specificity for your brand and to give you a high five. This isn't a one-size-fits-all course. This is a 'find the size that fits YOU' course. I can't recommend it highly enough!"

-Susan Eichhorn Young, All Things Voice, New York, NY

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"Unbelievable value... costs less than hiring a social media expert"

"I got to stop stressing about it all. This course has shown me clear steps for how to manage my online presence and keep moving forward. It costs less than hiring a social media expert to work on your business for a month, and it gives you all the tools to do it for yourself forever. Also, the guest experts are also second to none. This combination of systems, feedback and lasting tools constitutes an unbelievable value. I simply couldn't recommend this course more highly!"

Bonnie Swencionis, Actor + Model, New York, NY

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"Super sexy website, VIP connections, and effective social media"

"Tony provides a large amount of information in clear and concise training. Some concepts seem too simple to be effective, but you would be surprised at how the simplest steps can make a world of difference! Some concepts are a little more complex, but Tony makes sure to guide you smoothly along the journey. The process was exciting and fun. It fit easily into my already hectic schedule. I now have a super sexy website that works on mobile devices, made some VIP connections and learned how to post quality content with effective strategies to maximize impact on social media."

-Geoffrey Mergele, Actor, Hallandale Beach, FL

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