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"300 followers to 10K and media coverage"

“Tony is awesome. He is the person who first gave me guidance on social media (I'm now almost at 10K followers from about 300.) But the number isn't as important to me as what it has generated. I have received lots of media coverage, connected with major players in the music business, been asked to write for several publications and have met people in person and formed relationships all because of Tony and what he taught me about engaging on Twitter! I returned for the full brand audit—which is worth its weight in gold. Tony is super smart and very up on today's branding and digital platforms. There's a lot of info to take in, but take it step-by-step and you will see great results! Highly recommend.”

-Leslie Becker, Artist + Entrepreneur, New York, NY

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"Perfect blend of career coach, social media marketing guru, and technical, design expert"

“Tony is a man of many talents. He is the perfect blend of career coach, social media marketing guru and technical, design expert. We all know creative people have several passions and are trained to wear all the hats. While my various pursuits can feeling overwhelming, Tony helped me zero in on naming goals that live at the intersection of Art & Commerce. His ability to evaluate my digital presence and provide a comprehensive road map is extraordinary. I’ve been craving a digital overhaul and my session with Tony was exactly the motivation I needed to start 2018 with a bang!”

-Mara Jill Herman, Actor + Entrepreneur, New York, NY

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"Jumped right in with an incredible game plan for me"

"If I could give Tony ten stars, I would! I've worked with Tony on not one, but two projects now. I set up a recent session with him in regards to my YouTube series that I've created. I knew Tony could help focus my goals, teach me tricks, help me fine tune my brand and take things to the next level. When I walked in at the start of our meeting, Tony jumped right in with an incredible game plan for me and a lot of information I am now able to take with me and use to further my project and career. I'm already looking forward to the next time I get to meet with him! He is worth every penny and more."

-Hillary Colleen Smith, Artist + Entrepreneur, New York, NY

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"An additional 300 followers our first week"

"In this day and age, the key to promoting anything is social media. I posted on Facebook that I was looking for someone to help with my Twitter strategy and Tony was mentioned twice. He was very helpful before we even had a consultation. After we'd met, I felt so much secure in my tweeting skills and I was armed with useful knowledge. Lucky for me, he recorded the meeting. Our biggest gain was getting comfortable with using different platforms to help us with the Twitter game. As a result, we got an additional 300 followers our first week. It was such an amazing experience that we now enjoy using Twitter!"

-J. Cameron Barnett, Artist + Entrepreneur, New York, NY

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"Mentor, visionary, and friend"

"TONY IS AMAZING - he is everything you've ever wanted in a coach, mentor, visionary, and friend. He is positively bursting with ideas and energy and can't wait to share his knowledge with you, which is vast, from branding, to content strategy, to web design, social marketing and more. Tony is the rarest of human beings who just immediately 'gets it,' all while making you feel as if you're the only person/project in the world. He's a treasure!"

-Jeanette Bonner, Artist + Entrepreneur, New York, NY

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"Warm, friendly and a wealth of knowledge"

"I met Tony through a seminar he did Stagedoor Connections. I instantly knew from his energy I wanted to work with him more personally! He is warm and friendly, but also a wealth of knowledge, tips, tricks, and advice! He is generous and makes the overwhelming task of trying to conquer the world wide web feel more achievable! I feel lucky to have crossed his path."

-Erika Lynn Guthier, Actor, New York, NY

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"Personable, positive, and comprehensive"

"For years I worked as a Producer on Broadway shows that obviously utilized social media, but I never engaged for my personal use and expression. Tony was fantastic in initially helping me sweep through my own Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that I became very well versed in each of these platforms. I learned that once I was completely fluent in the language and use of various social media platforms—it was really effortless to keep up! Since then, I've consistently come to Tony with specific social media questions and with specific goals in mind. He comes to the table with organized research and thoughts prepared for our work together that delivers productive food for thought and direction that leads towards success! And - he does it in his way - his style - which is personable, positive, and comprehensive! Tony is fantastic!!!"

-Fran Kirmser, Producer, New York, NY

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"Can rely on him 100%"

"Tony is a talented designer and an all-around creative thinker who brings a sense of responsibility and enthusiasm to any task he takes on. I trust Tony’s judgement and artistic sensibility and can rely on him 100%. In addition to design and strategy, Tony is extremely organized and able to manage projects and others. I highly recommend Tony!"

-Jason Cocovinis, Director or Marketing, MTI, New York, NY

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"Enabled our show to move to the next level"

"I can recommend Tony with total confidence. He is an extremely talented artist—intuitive, thoughtful, present and risk taking. His knowledge and excitement for social media has enabled our show to move to the next level. He is organized and concise in his presentation. Tony is also creative in his ideas for using social media in a world where a tweet can make a difference. Tony Howell would be a great addition to any team." 

-Tricia Brouk, Artist + Entrepreneur, New York, NY

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"Fun and informative"

"After taking one of Tony's group seminars, I knew I needed a little more personalized training because my social media platforms were all over the place. Meeting one-on-one was fun and informative. I learned more in two hours than I could have fumbling around for hours on my own!"

-JJ Ignotz, Photographer, New York, NY

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