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"300 followers to 10K and media coverage"

“Tony is awesome. He is the person who first gave me guidance on social media (I'm now almost at 10K followers from about 300.) But the number isn't as important to me as what it has generated. I have received lots of media coverage, connected with major players in the music business, been asked to write for several publications and have met people in person and formed relationships all because of Tony and what he taught me about engaging on Twitter! I returned for the full brand audit—which is worth its weight in gold. Tony is super smart and very up on today's branding and digital platforms. There's a lot of info to take in, but take it step-by-step and you will see great results! Highly recommend.”

-Leslie Becker, Artist + Entrepreneur, New York, NY

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"Streamlined my life + grew my client base exponentially"

“My web presence was a mess. Scattered. I basically had two businesses that should have been one, but I was nervous having to uproot what I had to start something new and from the ground up. Tony helped me rethink who I am, what my business does, and clearly presented me a path to success. Realizing that what I had was garbage, and because what Tony said made sense (especially in the clear and persuasive way he delivered the idea to me), I took advantage of his FULL. SERVICE. AWESOMENESS. Tony dedicated time to me and made me feel like I was the only thing that mattered until the project was done. He streamlined my life and my client base has grown exponentially and I owe a lot of that to my website. My website is now a TOOL for me to use to engage clients.  It's more than JUST a portfolio. I’ve gotten so many compliments --- SO MANY. People literally look at my site and go ‘Oh wow, You're legit!’ If you’re looking for a knowledgeable, trustworthy professional to assist you in identifying and executing your brand and making your website so kick ass—then Tony is absolutely your guy. He just gets it. He’s a master of the craft of online: website, SEO, brand execution, and understanding your audience. He makes clear what was once a muddy mess in my brain. Tony's services are worth the investment!!"

-JJ Ignotz, Photographer, New York, NY

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"Fresh and fun content ideas"

"Tony was so great with giving us actionable ideas and information that we have so, so much explore. We got everything that we were hoping for and more! His expertise is thorough, relevant and so valuable! We've been able to further refine and streamline our entire social media approach, as well as implement some fresh and fun content ideas. I have and will continue to recommend Tony to anyone looking to refine or beef up their digital marketing and branding strategy."

-Jason Weston, Photographer, New York, NY

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"Upgraded... able to streamline and simplify"

"I’ve learned how to handle information efficiently. It’s like Tony upgraded our tool from mallets and stone to scalpels and lasers. Though it was a very hectic time in our season when we had him, we still were able to streamline many aspects of the organization’s media. We can now confidently focus on the avenues of communication with our audiences which were not as clear before. Simplifying what can seem chaotic to a system we can manage (that starts with where we actually are and then growing from there) was a gift."

-Marcus Paul James, Marketing Director, Broadway Inspirational Voices, New York, NY

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"Helping define a new direction for 20+ year online studio"

"I had a great experience with Tony in our first session. He is helping me to wrap my head around the rapid changing business environment of the internet and define a new direction for the online studio I've been running for nearly 20 years. I hope this is the beginning of a long and successful working relationship."

-Jonathan Becker, Artist + Entrepreneur, Muncie, IN 

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"Revolutionary... process has been so fulfilling"

"Wow, wow, wow! Working with Tony has not only been revolutionary for the direction of my business, but his process has also been so fulfilling. He really helped to bring clarity with what I want, both professionally and personally. I can absolutely say that I feel completely confident with where I am heading with my entrepreneurial adventures after having Tony as my mentor!"

-Jaron Frand, Actor + Entrepreneur, New York, NY

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"An asset to any business"

"Tony is so approachable and thorough and went above and beyond all expectations! I met with him to gain more understanding of effective digital strategies and ended up with that and so much more. He is really amazing at taking whatever your brand, whatever you're doing or trying to get, and catering his approach to you. What I found so refreshing and so wonderful is that he listened and came up with a plan—right there, and was absolutely incredible and better than I could ever imagined. Not only did he majorly revamp my website, he helped me gain a greater knowledge of applications and functions. He also really helped me understand my social media, understand what an audience sees. You know, there's so many ways you can put content out there, but he really helped me understand how to effectively do it and how to really connect to my audience. I've seen more likes, more engagement, more email subscribers and receive a lot of compliments on the website! His knowledgeable, thorough, tested-and-true approach and welcoming demeanor make him an asset to any business.

-PRIMME, Artist, New York, NY

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"Brilliant... helped me focus"

"Tony in one word is brilliant! He is knowledgeable, thoughtful, strategic, professional, and he truly wants to see you succeed! I am the type of person who wants to do it all! Pretty soon I had multiple pages across every social media channel and my website. Tony looked at everything and gave me honest feedback and really helped me focus on my goals, what was important to me, and helped me strategize how I could use the things I had already built to get me there. We refined my brand together based on my desired outcome and when I walked away, I felt like I had a clear road map to where I needed to go. When I came to Tony I thought I needed to 're-brand' and start from scratch. Tony gave me the tools I needed to take action immediately to make my brand more cohesive instead of starting completely over. I do everything like I have six months to live so the fact that I knew exactly what steps I needed to take after our meeting was huge! I would definitely recommend working with Tony!"

-Tara Rae Bradford, Publicist, New York, NY

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"25% increase in followers and promising employment"

"Tony is a rockstar. He totally renovated my social media life, and, being the positive personality he his, also worked on some of my real life obstacles as well! So far, after just two weeks of work, I have seen more than a 25% increase in my Twitter followers, a similar increase in my Facebook followers, and have even gotten some promising employment feedback from those whom I respect greatly in the business. All of this is a result of working with a company that deeply understands and cares about its clients." 

-Joe Redman, Actor, New York, NY

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"Helped solve a couple of issues I couldn't crack on my own"

"Tony was so helpful with my website. I'd already built the majority of it, and he generously helped solve a couple of issues I couldn't crack on my own. He listened very attentively to my questions, addressed each very thoroughly, and helped me with issues I didn't even know I had. After my meeting with Tony, I felt much better about the progress I'd made and about how to get the most out of my site!"

-Adam Wolfe, Musician, New York, NY

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"Turned getting new clients into a one-step process"

"Tony helped me with tweaks on my website that ended up being invaluable. He turned what was previously a multi-step process in getting new clients into a 1-step process. It's made all the difference in putting on new business. Now, when someone contacts me through my website, they've already made the decision to work with me. I don’t have to 'sell' them on anything. Working with Tony was eye-opening, informative, game-changing and, also, a lot of fun."

-Michael Buckley, Actor + Entrepreneur, New York, NY

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"Wonderfully energizing and empowering"

"Tony is the kind of person you want to have on your team and establish an ongoing relationship with. He's warm, generous and tremendously resourceful. Brainstorming with him is a wonderfully energizing and empowering experience. Rather than focusing on only one online medium, he provides strategies that tie various online platforms together to enhance their overall reach, and genuinely represent who you are and what you're doing. In the growingly superficial environment of social media, he focuses on quality, rather than quantity. I hope his reach will extend to universities, unions and other places, where creators need to make their voices heard throughout all stages of their careers."

-Ruth Priscilla Kirstein, Artist, New York, NY

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"Brilliantly conceived and well articulated"

“My online presence was well intentioned, but haphazard. I was particularly confused about which platforms should be ‘personal’ and which ‘professional.’ I wasn't savvy about how to use social media to generate professional relationships and amplify my work. I feared becoming overwhelmed with having to maintain multiple platforms plus a website; and I wanted the process to be creative and productive, not onerous. I needed help focusing my on line presence and delineating my ‘brand’ and your advice and vision were so positive and encouraged all my best qualities and talents! Tony has a brilliantly conceived and well articulated approach to using social media. The care and meticulousness with which he prepared his analysis and custom recommendations for me, and the thorough and informative consultation that accompanied them, laid out for me a plan of action that has undoubtedly benefitted my career. Tony instilled a work ethic in me in regards to what I post and how I use social media. I think before I post… and the thought process is about: am I offering something that contributes or something that detracts? Am I just blowing off steam, or am I expressing my passion and my convictions in ways that encourage or inspire others? I can say without hesitation that every time I attend an audition, or run into people in the business, there are comments that it looks like I am always working and always doing great and exciting things! This is a direct result of adopting the good habits that I learned with Tony! The work is specific. It’s customized to the needs of the client. It’s always about positive messaging and rich content. He provides a clear, comprehensive assessment of the entire online presence of the client. From there, a guiding and encouraging partnership in creating and honing the best and most consistent brand… not driven by trends but rather by the intention and talent of the client. I can honestly say I don’t know of a service quite like this and I would recommend it to any professional seeking to enhance his or her web presence and create a dynamic and successful profile.”

-James Beaman, Actor + Coach, New York, NY

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