"Responses have at least doubled"

“My web presence was amateur at best. While my website had the material/information needed, it definitely was not any sort representation of what my work as an actor is and who I am. Honestly, I wasn’t very knowledgeable about how important an online presence can be for your career, whatever it may be, and how to have it done correctly—to represent you the best way you can be represented. I was also very concerned about the financial commitment. I ended up saying yes because I felt like Tony took the time to get to know me not just on a professional level, but also on a personal. He made it easy to connect and communicate.  He made sure that every doubt/concern about the project, including the financial commitment, was acknowledged, explained and answered. The process is like a friendship with lots of good chats and laughter. Together, you create an incredible virtual home that seamlessly balances and blends who you are professionally and personally. My website represents me, both personally and professionally, and I absolutely LOVE it! Everything! But the journey to the finished result was incredible as well. Tony took the time to establish a connection, authentically took interest in knowing me. Ever since my website was launched, the amount of responses back from submissions, auditions, callbacks have at least doubled. Not only that, but I also have more confidence about my work, especially when showcasing it online. We created something that is representative of the truest form of who I am.”

-Victor Souffrant, Actor, New York, NY

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