"I'm really grateful for Tony's information and guidance... program is well-made and fun"

“I'm always looking to learn new things about perfecting my marketing and branding. I've enjoyed everything Tony has done thus far, so I'm always excited to hear what advice he has to give. I knew my photos needed an update, but that's been more of a budget issue than a knowledge issue. Honestly, the most frustrating thing is lack of budget, but the second most frustrating thing is knowing your personal branding and direction you want the photos to go in. This is where PRESENCE comes in handy. I'm feeling more motivated to update my photos. I've set up a plan, put it in writing, and I'll start saving up some funds to execute the vision. I haven't launched everything just yet, but I have cleaned up my existing content. I'm also thinking that I'll abandon the idea of managing too many social media account for every aspect of my brand - it's exhausting to keep up! I'd say, if you don't know much about, marketing and branding yourself, or need help taking the right types of photos, then go for it! I'm really grateful for Tony's information and guidance. The program is well-made and fun.”

-Isabella Tugman, Actor, Singer, Voice Over Artist, and Film Producer, Austin, TX

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