"Delightful from start to finish... every meeting was a joy"

My site was disorganized, not up to date, hard to navigate, and amateur. I met Tony at a branding workshop and fell in love with his language, approach to an online presence, and the work of his I'd seen. Tony gave me expert advise while still catering to my wishes/ideas. He also was very up front with cost, which I appreciate. I loved the whole process from start to finish. I truly enjoyed putting my brain with Tony's and every meeting was a joy. I’m so pleased with, thrilled by, and proud of the results (my website, email, social, and knowledge gained). I LOVE my sleek and shiny new website. It’s dope, professional, and compelling. Sometimes I wondered if people even looked at my site. But in the few months it's been live, in every meeting I've had, involving representation or collaboration for a new project, the other party has brought up that they checked out my site and had a clear understanding of me. YAY.  ALSO, the videos are my saving grace. I've easily updated my website with news, new pics/vids a few times and it's been painless. And I STRUGGLE with technology."

-Sophie Moshofsky, Actor, New York, NY

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