"Clear with my own goals through a process that is FUN"

“I had zero online presence. No website, and a pretty non-existent social media presence. Even the thought of "putting together" a website was overwhelming. I resisted the idea and didn’t take action on it for many years, because it felt like a hurdle that would be too great to overcome. I just couldn't wrap my head around the idea, let alone know where to start. There was also an element of fear about putting myself out there to the world, and not being super clear about how I wanted the world to see me. I knew I couldn't do it alone. I needed to hire someone to help guide me. I met Tony through a mutual friend who's website and web presence I love, and after a meeting Tony and discussing my goals and hearing how he could help me, I said yes! The journey began! I love that Tony helped me narrow down my vision to a very clear and specific set of goals for how I want my web presence to represent me and the work I do. I love that I have to dig deep to get clear with my own goals through a process that is FUN. That's the imperative part of the process that I have enjoyed the most - it is FUN. In my experience (though I know Tony offers a lot more in other areas!) Tony’s provided me with a beautiful website and web presence that is, at it's core, a true, authentic representation of me. Beyond that product, Tony provides a hands on, personalized process that feels safe, supported and inspiring. My site hasn't launched yet - but I've gotten incredible feedback just from the temporary site. I can't wait to see the internet explode once my full site launches!”

-Sara Brians, Director, Choreographer + Educator, New York, NY

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