"Clarity for articulating your purpose and streamlining your goals"

“I have A LOT of projects and there are many facets to what I do. I was a bit unfocused, nervous about money, and how would it be received. In the end, I thought the investment was worth it to level up and outsource—simply because time constraints. It forced me to streamline my intent and goals. Tony assists in providing clarity for articulating your purpose and streamlining your goals in order to make those goals more attainable. Because I’ve started my #SingerMomma brand, I’ve attracted other singing parents to my company, Texas Concert Opera Collective. I’ve been able to offer them support as well! I’ve started new relationships to attain my goals and gained funding for my upcoming projects! It has gone in a way I didn’t think was possible and I am much more visible! I would love to see more of Tony to hug his neck. He’s a beautiful human being and has changed me, how I present myself, and how I approach projects. I’ve learned that it’s ok to be many things and it’s even better to celebrate that! I’m a #SingerMomma and I’m proud of it!”

-Elizabeth Herlitz Cortés, Singer + Producer, New Braunfels, TX

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