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"Clear, engaging and inspiring - an invaluable godsend"

“My solo play, HOLD THESE TRUTHS (, is currently being produced across the country, and I needed to update its website, but I kept procrastinating because the process seemed so intimidating. Tony’s course on creating a website – clear, engaging and inspiring -- was a godsend. Working my way step-by-step through the course, I was able to replace the old website with a new webpage in a matter of days, one I’m tremendously pleased with. I would enthusiastically recommend Tony’s courses to any artist needing help with this, or related efforts. I love that he is always available to help you through the process should you encounter any difficulty, and he is gracious and generous in sharing with you additional valuable tips and insights. Thank you Tony for making these invaluable courses available to our artistic community!”

-Jeanne Sakata, Actor + Playwright

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"Changing my life in noticeable ways from the very first lesson"

“When I first signed up for Tony’s online course, I had an idea for a new business, but lacked the necessary skills to fully realize how to form and market it. It was just this super fun idea that ended up getting some unexpected traction, and I realized I would have to update my mind and skillset completely in order to stay on a train that was flying out of the station. I was surprised and thrilled to learn that Tony’s teaching method offered immediate solutions that pin pointed exactly what I needed, right when I needed it! The course was changing my life in noticeable ways from the very first lesson! I watched, applied, watched and applied, absolutely loving his laser focused specifics. Within just a few months (and not even half-way through the whole course) my business idea became a clear game plan, I created and claimed it’s title name, formed it’s LLC, designed its brand, and launched it across all social media platforms—which got the attention of a funding producer who is now in the process of pitching it to networks in the US and Britain! And again, I'M NOT EVEN HALF WAY THROUGH THE WHOLE COURSE, and am psyched at everything I still have left to learn and apply! Tony’s course was the best thing I could have done to get my career on track (while twirling with anxiety and overwhelm). Thank you, Tony!”

-Ellen Z. Wright, CEO, Apartment Rehab NYC

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"I booked my first co-star role on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt + produced my own short-film"

“Before I took Tony's Social Artist Training, I had a basic online presence with a website and social media platforms. I didn't have much knowledge as to how to bring myself to my website. I knew I liked pink, so my website was very pink, but I wouldn't call it an outstanding representation of myself. I wasn't sure if I'd have the time to progress through a weekly course. I realized that I needed to MAKE time to progress through a weekly course. I loved the weekly trainings, and then getting to attend the live Q&A with Tony and a guest each week to get a chance to ask questions that came up was extremely helpful. I felt like I got a lot of personalized attention which can be rare in a group setting. I remember in one of the courses, Tony talked about this comedian he worked with who had an amazing picture of her face smushed against a glass door, but she wasn't using it anywhere on her website which was more uniform in terms of material. He suggested that she put that picture front and center and I remember something clicking. Tony doesn’t just teach basic do's and don'ts, but he really works to help everyone capture their unique essence online and that's what I love most. With the help of my incredible sister, I took what Tony taught us and completely revamped my website. It matches the professional that I am and want to be, and is a great extension of me. Tony's advice to me when I first started the course, was to distill my goals down to one goal to focus on at first. Once you know your goal then you can define your audience. I'd been describing myself as a real-life Kimmy Schmidt meets Amy Adams in Enchanted, and it took me some time, but I booked my first co-star role on none other than Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. And I produced my own short-film as a princess in NYC that screened at a film festival. I am still much stronger with Instagram than Twitter, but I've learned how to use both to my advantage in terms of connecting with my audience and furthering relationships. They're pretty powerful tools once you learn how to use each one!”

-Rebecca Knowles, Actor + Producer, New York, NY

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"Watching Tony's process and hearing the rationale was invaluable"

"The biggest value of this class is the final product.... a beautiful and functional website! However, watching Tony's design process and hearing the rationale behind each choice was invaluable. Now that I've had a website for a couple of years, I appreciate what a valuable tool it is. It's a great streamlined way for people to get to know my work and get in touch. For example, a casting director who sees my work onstage can find my website url in my bio and contact me through the site for auditions, which has happened! Plus in my training, I learned all the tools I would need to keep my site up to date. So I feel empowered to add and adjust whenever I feel it's necessary. I have a better understanding of how to compile information about my career in one place, make myself more visible online, and how to use the web for networking."

-Daniel Hurst, Actor, Chicago, IL

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"Feel like I have a team behind me... performing next month at a prestigious gallery in Milan"

“Tony dragged me kicking and screaming into digital marketing about 18 months ago. Now that he's expanded his company with like-minded and compassionate people, I really feel like I have a team behind me anytime I need them. While I have a long way to go, I recognize that I can use these tools to get closer and closer to the work I am so eager and ready to do. In fact, while vacationing last year I met an artist. I started following her Instagram and commenting on her postings. We developed a friendship over Instagram and now she has invited me to perform next month at a prestigious gallery in Milan at the opening of an exhibition featuring her work and six other artists!”

-Tony Lopresti, Actor + Educator, New York, NY

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"Such a wonderful and supportive community"

“Tony is a TRUE pro at everything WEB: email, social media, and websites. He's created such a wonderful and supportive community with a fabulous leader at the forefront. He's constantly passing along guidance and is such an encouraging person. Tony's the type of person that motivates you to be better! He's encouraged me to start my own coaching client business and claim my strengths and knowledge. I've also gained the confidence to attack the Commercial/TV/Film world and have found a new passion.”

-Jessica Lorion, Actor + Educator, New York, NY

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"Helps you realize your presence... gave me a renewed excitement for putting myself out there"

“I felt lost and stuck trying to re-start my acting on-camera. I was great on headshots and so-so on other images. I struggle with the photo session itself. My wardrobe is always hit or miss (which is why I always bring in several selections), then smiling and getting the commercial ‘money shots.’ My eyes scrunch up when I smile and I'm also self conscious. Tony gave me a renewed excitement for putting myself out there: bringing me rather than what I think others want me to be. I love the image tips you have in here and the 'permissions.'  I love the playlist, helpful worksheets, that there’s a weekly call-in! Really good stuff. Presence helps you realize your presence.”

-Laura Ann Parry, Actor, Chicago, IL

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"I'm really grateful for Tony's information and guidance... program is well-made and fun"

“I'm always looking to learn new things about perfecting my marketing and branding. I've enjoyed everything Tony has done thus far, so I'm always excited to hear what advice he has to give. I knew my photos needed an update, but that's been more of a budget issue than a knowledge issue. Honestly, the most frustrating thing is lack of budget, but the second most frustrating thing is knowing your personal branding and direction you want the photos to go in. This is where PRESENCE comes in handy. I'm feeling more motivated to update my photos. I've set up a plan, put it in writing, and I'll start saving up some funds to execute the vision. I haven't launched everything just yet, but I have cleaned up my existing content. I'm also thinking that I'll abandon the idea of managing too many social media account for every aspect of my brand - it's exhausting to keep up! I'd say, if you don't know much about, marketing and branding yourself, or need help taking the right types of photos, then go for it! I'm really grateful for Tony's information and guidance. The program is well-made and fun.”

-Isabella Tugman, Actor, Singer, Voice Over Artist, and Film Producer, Austin, TX

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"I finally took the action I was putting off, and I feel a million times better"

I had no clue what to do. I only had headshots. I didn't know how to brand myself or what to do in my photoshoot. I didn't feel confident in myself. I felt clueless. However, I loved Tony's free workshop. Because I thought he would be too expensive to work one-on-one with, I signed up. Even though I'm working with him one-on-one now too, I think this is super helpful on the side. I have tangible homework to do to know how to present myself, how to pick a photographer, how to be the CEO of me, and how to plan out photos! Someone said they thought my "apartment" website was my "dream home" and they couldn't wait to see the finished result. I also ended up redecorating my place—because Tony said to do a photoshoot in there. I finally took the action I was putting off, and I feel a million times better in my home! Work with Tony, now. I love him. He'll change how you see yourself, and that will effect how other's see you. Do it! 

-Courtney Rioux, Actor + Coach, Chicago, IL

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"Virtual, tangible, savvy guide through a confusing world... completely personal"

“My online presence? Embarrassing. So much of this business is done online, I wanted something I could be proud of. I wanted a grown up site, but was concerned the results would be cookie cutter or inauthentic—which was completely opposite of my experience. This program was completely personal. The focus was on my goals and taking tangible steps. Tony is a virtual, technical, savvy guide through a confusing world of social media and online presence! I’ve gotten a ton of people asking me who did my website. My visitors are wayyy up and I feel confident knowing that I have a professional site representing me.”

-Jennifer Noble, Actor, New York, NY

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"More productive... writing and producing readings of my shows!"

“My online presence was nonexistent and scary. I was resistant to technology, frustrated, confused, and feeling trepidation about where to start. In order to push myself, and because I knew it would be good for me, I say yes to Tony’s program. He has a mix of technological and advertising expertise with life-coaching, and I really liked the coaching aspect; it helped me become more motivated! I now have a much more active and streamlined media presence, a more productive work direction, as well as goals that have been accomplished—writing and producing readings of shows!”

-Will Thomason, Actor/Singer/Dancer + Playwright, New York, NY

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"Artist Therapy... lit a fire with 100+ Playwrights, 400+ Actors, 3 Websites..."

“Bank lines and grocery store lines. That's about the extent of my on-line presence prior to working with Tony! I knew what Facebook was, but I was apprehensive about jumping in. There was so much fear of overwhelm from what I did not know and understand. After attending an in-person seminar with Tony, there was a no pressure ease to the approach and his passion and enthusiasm for the work was infectious. I call it Artist Therapy. Getting a clearer idea of who I was as an artist. I say that half joking, but there was a part of the work that felt like the work helped to fix the cracks in the foundation of who I was as an artist. So it was a clarifying of the big picture, but also looking at a bunch of smaller pictures. By stepping back, sitting down with myself, asking some important questions, and then having a plan to start to implement, I am more grounded. When working with Tony, the need to create community came up a lot and when the time was right, I felt like I had a few more tools under my belt to just go for it and make something happen. By clarify my need to create and help others create, I have become the Curator/Founder of The PlayGround Experiment. We currently have had over 100 playwrights and over 400 actors who have participated in our programs. I also have built 3 websites for my company, myself, and my side hustle. This year I was able to bring Tony in to do a seminar for the community I have built and was able to spread the word to them and him of how his help at a dark time lit the fire to make it happen."

-Mike Lesser, Actor, Playwright, and Community Leader, New York, NY

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"Creative and collaborative... offers a full-service menu"

"What Tony's doing for artists is nothing short of amazing. It feels creative and collaborative! He offers a full-service menu that allows you to pick and choose based on your needs. For me, I wanted to build my brand with consistency and create a larger social footprint. I lacked a real understanding of the power of social media, and my web presence was pretty basic. So, I turned to Tony! He not only has expert knowledge of all of the different platforms, but he also has the ability to break things down into bite-sized pieces in order to teach those less media savvy how to succeed in this social media driven world. I have gained some great insight and some solid techniques to bring my presence to the next level. I’m much more savvy about social and the impact it has on my brand. I was able to fine tune my messaging and have a clear social impact.”

-Alison Mahoney, Artist + Entrepreneur, New York, NY

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"Supportive community of artists... Tony is always accessible with honest feedback"

The Business of Show has changed. Our online presence is as important as our offline presence. My online setup didn’t have consistent messaging/branding. Because Tony conveyed a level of trust and honesty that was genuine, I had no hesitations saying yes. I wanted to learn. Tony’s information is invaluable. He genuinely cares and provides individual feedback. What really convinced me before I enrolled was the fact that it is lifetime access—meaning you get all future classes and live streams with guests. As busy as I am, I looked forward to Tony's weekly modules. His videos and live streams with top industry people kept me focused on my goals. You also become part of a supportive community of artists who are equally busy, but who have also utilized Tony's expertise. Tony is always accessible—answers every question with truth and honest feedback. Having my eyes opened to more effective uses of social media, and the need to have a consistent professional profile picture was groundbreaking. The website module opened my eyes quite a bit, too. My online game is now strong. I know how to use social media well and I adapt to the different platforms to reach my targeted audiences. I really understand now. I am grateful for all that I learned and that I continue to learn. Thank you Tony, for being on the cutting edge of technology."

-Richarda Abrams, Actress, Singer, Playwright and Producer, New York, NY

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"Relief, confidence... the gift of being seen"

“My web presence was not great! I had a website that functioned, but it was difficult to find on Google. It was not mobile friendly, and since I didn’t design it, I had to reply on a third party to make edits. I wanted a new website and I wanted to be in control of it and I wanted it to help me get work. I made saving for it a priority investment in my career. Terrific value and investment. Tony provides the gift of relief. The gift of confidence I now have. The gift of being seen. He provides sleek, user-friendly, professional media strategies, help, education, and a dash of therapy for artists who want a digital footprint. I adore that Tony not only set me up, but you TAUGHT me what to do so that I could make edits as I go along. I’m not reliant on someone else making updates—I can do it myself. But if I forget how to do something, I have all of our video sessions archived so I may go back and review, or if I need extra help, I know I can schedule an appointment and get extra help! I love Tony and recommend him all the time.”

-Holly Anne Williams, Actor, New York, NY

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CoursesTony Howell
"Tailors programs to individuals' needs... meaningful"

"Social media was something I'd been avoiding, mostly out of fear. Tech overwhelm kept my online presence pretty nonexistent! However, my career demanded it. Tony is incredibly knowledgeable and generous with his expertise. He is so passionate about what he does—and it comes out so clearly in all his trainings! He tailors his programs to the individual's needs. His focus on branding makes the work more meaningful. Tony makes social media accessible and not so overwhelming! I learned a tremendous amount and have gone from a nonexistent online presence to a healthy, growing one!”

-Rachel Errington, Actor, New York, NY

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"Guarantee this class will blow your mind... holistic approach"

"I had a website that I wasn't pleased with and I didn't have any strategy for how to approach my online presence. I felt like it was a big job, but I was excited—because Tony is awesome. He is a knowledgeable, calm, and fantastic guide for how to approach one's online presence without it feeling too overwhelming. I love Tony’s way of looking at social media—he knows it is based in being real people first. I trust all his advice and have learned so much from his course. Even if you think you know how to use social media, I guarantee this class will blow your mind. Brilliant—showed me how to use social media in a way I had never conceived of. It’s just so wonderful to have someone who has knowledge in the area, and is a guru in this online world! I love his holistic approach to the work!”

-Shiloh Goodin, Artist + Entrepreneur, New York, NY

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"Always there to answer questions"

"Tony adds pizzazz to any course he teaches. He is constantly discovering current trends, and is so generous with his knowledge and know-how. Tony is always there to answer questions, to help you create specificity for your brand and to give you a high five. This isn't a one-size-fits-all course. This is a 'find the size that fits YOU' course. I can't recommend it highly enough!"

-Susan Eichhorn Young, All Things Voice, New York, NY

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"Unbelievable value... costs less than hiring a social media expert"

"I got to stop stressing about it all. This course has shown me clear steps for how to manage my online presence and keep moving forward. It costs less than hiring a social media expert to work on your business for a month, and it gives you all the tools to do it for yourself forever. Also, the guest experts are also second to none. This combination of systems, feedback and lasting tools constitutes an unbelievable value. I simply couldn't recommend this course more highly!"

Bonnie Swencionis, Actor + Model, New York, NY

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