"Streamlined my life + grew my client base exponentially"

“My web presence was a mess. Scattered. I basically had two businesses that should have been one, but I was nervous having to uproot what I had to start something new and from the ground up. Tony helped me rethink who I am, what my business does, and clearly presented me a path to success. Realizing that what I had was garbage, and because what Tony said made sense (especially in the clear and persuasive way he delivered the idea to me), I took advantage of his FULL. SERVICE. AWESOMENESS. Tony dedicated time to me and made me feel like I was the only thing that mattered until the project was done. He streamlined my life and my client base has grown exponentially and I owe a lot of that to my website. My website is now a TOOL for me to use to engage clients.  It's more than JUST a portfolio. I’ve gotten so many compliments --- SO MANY. People literally look at my site and go ‘Oh wow, You're legit!’ If you’re looking for a knowledgeable, trustworthy professional to assist you in identifying and executing your brand and making your website so kick ass—then Tony is absolutely your guy. He just gets it. He’s a master of the craft of online: website, SEO, brand execution, and understanding your audience. He makes clear what was once a muddy mess in my brain. Tony's services are worth the investment!!"

-JJ Ignotz, Photographer, New York, NY