"Relief, confidence... the gift of being seen"

“My web presence was not great! I had a website that functioned, but it was difficult to find on Google. It was not mobile friendly, and since I didn’t design it, I had to reply on a third party to make edits. I wanted a new website and I wanted to be in control of it and I wanted it to help me get work. I made saving for it a priority investment in my career. Terrific value and investment. Tony provides the gift of relief. The gift of confidence I now have. The gift of being seen. He provides sleek, user-friendly, professional media strategies, help, education, and a dash of therapy for artists who want a digital footprint. I adore that Tony not only set me up, but you TAUGHT me what to do so that I could make edits as I go along. I’m not reliant on someone else making updates—I can do it myself. But if I forget how to do something, I have all of our video sessions archived so I may go back and review, or if I need extra help, I know I can schedule an appointment and get extra help! I love Tony and recommend him all the time.”

-Holly Anne Williams, Actor, New York, NY

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