"Clear, engaging and inspiring - an invaluable godsend"

“My solo play, HOLD THESE TRUTHS (holdthesetruths.info), is currently being produced across the country, and I needed to update its website, but I kept procrastinating because the process seemed so intimidating. Tony’s course on creating a website – clear, engaging and inspiring -- was a godsend. Working my way step-by-step through the course, I was able to replace the old website with a new webpage in a matter of days, one I’m tremendously pleased with. I would enthusiastically recommend Tony’s courses to any artist needing help with this, or related efforts. I love that he is always available to help you through the process should you encounter any difficulty, and he is gracious and generous in sharing with you additional valuable tips and insights. Thank you Tony for making these invaluable courses available to our artistic community!”

-Jeanne Sakata, Actor + Playwright