"Watching Tony's process and hearing the rationale was invaluable"

“The biggest value of this class is the final product.... a beautiful and functional website! However, watching Tony's design process and hearing the rationale behind each choice was invaluable. Now that I've had a website for a couple of years, I appreciate what a valuable tool it is. It's a great streamlined way for people to get to know my work and get in touch. For example, a casting director who sees my work onstage can find my website url in my bio and contact me through the site for auditions, which has happened! Plus in my training, I learned all the tools I would need to keep my site up to date. So I feel empowered to add and adjust whenever I feel it's necessary. I have a better understanding of how to compile information about my career in one place, make myself more visible online, and how to use the web for networking.”

-Daniel Hurst, Actor, Chicago, IL