"Website and social bring 25% of my clients"

“I wanted to collaborate with a strong and facile mind that didn't work like mine. I chose Tony. Over the years, I had taught myself enough about coding (THAT was the old days) and, later, about the available platforms and I had built a series of serviceable websites on my own. I was an early adopter of both Twitter and Instagram, but my use of both—much like my DIY websites—was purely by intuition. Once I had time and money to devote to setting up a better online presence (and once I'd bumped into Tony IRL on the A train), I was happy to dig right in. That real life encounter on the A train made all of the difference. I liked Tony’s energy in-person even more than I liked his online presence—the fact that your  real self and online self were in agreement showed me you knew the importance of truth in digital representation. Tony offers you a very sophisticated tool (made up of many tools, really) that you can use to honestly and accurately represent yourself. He’s comfortable making room for opinions on form and content even as he was strong and clear in making sure I was getting the full value of his expertise. Honestly, I was a little sad when we launched. I actually had that feeling I used to have when I completed a particularly great directing project when I would look up at my collaborators and say, 'That was cool! What else can we do?' My agents and my friends in casting have given me nothing but excellent feedback on the site. In my coaching practice, I know it's brought me clients. They've said so! I get 25% of my clients from web search and recommendations. Nearly every single one of those clients mentions my website and my social media feed as a contributing factor in their hiring me.”

-Christopher Gurr, Actor + Coach, New York, NY

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