"Made me a library of videos that I continue to use"

“I found myself so very impressed by one of my clients websites, designed by Tony Howell. I had no web presence to speak of, but Tony provided a thorough excavation of my professional life, resulting in an artistic and personal website that reflects my personality and work. The amazing part of the process was learning so much! I loved the tutoring sessions one-on-one (both online and in-person). I have quite a bit of insecurity about deciphering new platforms, but Squarespace is very user-friendly and allowed me to play with impunity! I sat with Tony for two hours for an incredible in-depth master class and he made me a library of videos that I continue to use as my reference when I need to update my website! I'm so grateful for his geyser of creativity and the depth and reach of his facility with technology. Tony's a kind and encouraging teacher and truly a social media master! He gave me so much attention, guidance, instruction, and advice. I feel much more confident about self-promotion, and I’m proud to refer clients and directors to my website, too!”

-Paula Plum, Actor + Coach, Boston, MA

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