"Empowered and enlightened... booked a performance and publicist"

“I have worked with Tony for three years now on two different websites; my personal website and one for my one-person show. In both cases, the working experience was one of the best I’ve ever had. It's rare to find someone who is both an intuitive, thoughtful, elegant and sensitive artist and a responsible, ethical, visionary businessperson. Extremely rare. Every time I connect with Tony I always feel empowered and enlightened. Also, I feel that everything is done with integrity. Tony is straightforward, responsive, passionate, and full of ideas on the one hand, but also able to combine his expertise with the very individual and unique person and artist that each one of his clients represents. I don’t feel that Tony has a 'cookie cutter' mentality but instead hears, sees, and really creates a new vision for each client. I always felt and feel comfortable, heard, and as though we are working together as a team. He works with remarkable organization, meets (and often is done in advance of) all deadlines, sets up extremely clear goals and expectations, and to top it all off, includes a way for his clients to learn how to maintain their own sites. He is a wonderful and patient teacher. Plus he makes it fun! His professionalism, responsiveness, warmth, flawless design sense, impeccable technical execution, and great taste make the investments reasonable and appropriate. In every way, the websites represent to the world how I want to be seen and considered. I know that, whatever happens in the rest of my career and this profession, I am in the strongest and most capable hands possible when it comes to my online presence. Tony and his team are thoughtful, tasteful, intelligent, and provide clear results that NEVER HAVE FAILED to impress everyone who sees it. I’ve had many casting directors, fellow actor friends, and other professionals remark on how beautiful, clear, elegant and informative my personal site is. Our show booked a performance and secured a very reputable publicist because she was so impressed by the site! I feel absolutely confident when people look at my website, they are getting as true a feel of who and what I am as they can without me actually being in the room with them. Tony has helped me, and continues to help me, tell my story online with dignity and elegance. And his own example of hard work and constant invention is inspiring. I would (and already have) recommend them to anyone.”

-Kate Fuglei, Actor + Writer, Los Angeles, LA

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