"Helped a few of my dreams TRULY come to fruition"

“My web presence was pretty nonexistent. I was nervous I wouldn't have enough content to justify it, or that building a personal website would feel like it was about vanity and bragging, which I was not into. Alas, it’s the way of the world. Tony is the best! He makes it easy—totally helpful and full-service. He’s super fast, super knowledgable, incredibly capable, creative, funny, and kind. I always envisioned if I had a website I would want a space for my music, and maybe somewhere for videos that I've made… but I didn't have those before I started (except a reel!). So having this website kind of forced me to do things on my bucket list I never thought I would get done. I'm so proud to have a little landing space that if someone wanted to do research on me they could find me online and I'm defined by MY terms, not some random bad YouTube video! In fact, Tony’s helped a few of my dreams TRULY come to fruition and I could not be working like I am without the groundwork he laid for me with the multiple websites he has created, and for all his social media and online help. He has helped me build three different websites now and I love them all. They reflect exactly what I'm trying to do and say. I think the teaching aspect of how to navigate/integrate social media is a HUGE differentiating factor between Tony and working with another website designer. What you're getting is way bigger than a website. I'm truly psyched and couldn't be more happy. I love Tony and can't recommend him highly enough."

-Tricia Paoluccio, Actor, New York, NY

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