"Three days after we went live... booking work at major orchestras"

“While a website seemed like it would cost a lot of money upfront, and an expensive thing to upkeep, it is where the business is headed... and it’s a way of competing (online presence management). Tony knows what he is doing and provided exactly what I needed. He's able to capture the essence of the artist through the website. The work he and his team do is top notch. I had a very strong goal going into this process. Three days after we went live I had achieved that goal—booking work at major orchestras due to Tony’s help. I can't call it a magic pill, but I can say that this website enabled me to reach that goal in an expedited amount of time. I now have the tools and know how to manage my online presence and continue to grow it. I love the clean and easy to understand formats and I have. Tony is just the right choice when it comes to this stuff!”

-Chris Blem, Actor, New York, NY

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