"Artist Therapy... lit a fire with 100+ Playwrights, 400+ Actors, 3 Websites..."

“Bank lines and grocery store lines. That's about the extent of my on-line presence prior to working with Tony! I knew what Facebook was, but I was apprehensive about jumping in. There was so much fear of overwhelm from what I did not know and understand. After attending an in-person seminar with Tony, there was a no pressure ease to the approach and his passion and enthusiasm for the work was infectious. I call it Artist Therapy. Getting a clearer idea of who I was as an artist. I say that half joking, but there was a part of the work that felt like the work helped to fix the cracks in the foundation of who I was as an artist. So it was a clarifying of the big picture, but also looking at a bunch of smaller pictures. By stepping back, sitting down with myself, asking some important questions, and then having a plan to start to implement, I am more grounded. When working with Tony, the need to create community came up a lot and when the time was right, I felt like I had a few more tools under my belt to just go for it and make something happen. By clarify my need to create and help others create, I have become the Curator/Founder of The PlayGround Experiment. We currently have had over 100 playwrights and over 400 actors who have participated in our programs. I also have built 3 websites for my company, myself, and my side hustle. This year I was able to bring Tony in to do a seminar for the community I have built and was able to spread the word to them and him of how his help at a dark time lit the fire to make it happen."

-Mike Lesser, Actor, Playwright, and Community Leader, New York, NY