"Contacted via my website for acting, hosting, voice over and singing"

“I built my own website. It was ok, but I felt I definitely needed a more streamlined and attention-grabbing design to best reflect and promote my work (and myself). Having already built my own, I had certain ideas of what I wanted it to look like. I discovered an article in Backstage magazine featuring Tony. He seemed to be on the same positive wavelength and very knowledgeable, which he was! Tony and his team created a website and presence that truly reflects who I am. I liked the questionnaire that made me look at where I want to go and who I am as an Artist. More technically, I like the buttons on my site allowing people to subscribe to my social media. The ease of everything. The set up. The design and the up-to-date specifics that make a website readable and easy to promote. Clients have commented on my website and it's ease to see the work I've done. It's all on there in a clear, bright, and fun package. I've been contacted via my website for acting, hosting, voice over and singing! It's so great to have one site for everything! I'm very grateful!”

-Laurie Burke, Actor, Producer + Educator, San Francisco, CA

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