"Exceptional and healing and encouraging... incredibly empowering"

“Besides my writers residence online portfolio and published work via search, my web presence was nonexistent. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to come across, and not sure if I was ready. Still, I needed to just do it. It was the right time, in a deeper place. Tony's energy is exceptional and healing and encouraging. Sincerely. It was so fabulous to meet in NYC when we were in final stages, to sit down and feel our collective spirit. He anticipates needs so well that I never felt I was lost for help or alone ... not one moment. His tutorials are exceptional. He cares and you can feel it! Having a website with all of my skills on it was incredibly empowering and allowed me to connect with people. I would say this year has been the biggest year because, while the first edition was excellent, I was not positioned in a place in the world and personally to really see the power of it. Now I have formed a deeper relationship with the whole site and it is alive to me. I update content and send newsletters and get feedback from people who are so impressed that I do so many things. I’m almost a year in Switzerland, and the impression people get from my site is important to networking here and building my entire life. That Swiss people are impressed is a huge compliment!!! Tony and his team are so great and supportive and I am continually humbled by how much they still keep in touch with and care about me as a client. I would recommend them over and over! I’d start with an audit to at least begin to hone your public facing image online. The whole process is ongoing, but we all have to start or at least be aware of the consequences of avoiding it.”

-Emily Alp, Artist, Langenthal, Switzerland

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