"One stop branding... definitely feel taken care of"

“My online set up was not dynamic. My website didn't say anything about me and was cluttered. So, it wasn't easy to find current news, photos, resume, etc. Making changes to the site were fine, but I was willing to work a little harder to get info up there if it looked cooler and cleaner. Once I knew I had to make an effort for my business, price was not a main concern. Tony helped me brand me and make all my social media content consistent. It has been so worth it! One stop branding. As as actor you have only yourself to market, so to do it well and consistently is key. I loved the input—so much detail to get information about what I do and how I want to sell it really made me feel that I was being taken care of as an individual.I'm able to proudly lead people to my website. In searches, my website comes up first and it's nice to see current projects and branding consistent with social media. I'm very pleased with Tony and have recommended him to many people! Although Tony includes tutorials after the project is done, I've still needed help putting things up on the site or adjusting the look and feel of the entire site and he and his team are so helpful and on the spot! Tony follows up and is so supportive. I definitely feel taken care of.”

-Carmen Lamar Gonzalez, Actor + Educator, New York, NY

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