"Brilliantly conceived and well articulated"

“My online presence was well intentioned, but haphazard. I was particularly confused about which platforms should be ‘personal’ and which ‘professional.’ I wasn't savvy about how to use social media to generate professional relationships and amplify my work. I feared becoming overwhelmed with having to maintain multiple platforms plus a website; and I wanted the process to be creative and productive, not onerous. I needed help focusing my on line presence and delineating my ‘brand’ and your advice and vision were so positive and encouraged all my best qualities and talents! Tony has a brilliantly conceived and well articulated approach to using social media. The care and meticulousness with which he prepared his analysis and custom recommendations for me, and the thorough and informative consultation that accompanied them, laid out for me a plan of action that has undoubtedly benefitted my career. Tony instilled a work ethic in me in regards to what I post and how I use social media. I think before I post… and the thought process is about: am I offering something that contributes or something that detracts? Am I just blowing off steam, or am I expressing my passion and my convictions in ways that encourage or inspire others? I can say without hesitation that every time I attend an audition, or run into people in the business, there are comments that it looks like I am always working and always doing great and exciting things! This is a direct result of adopting the good habits that I learned with Tony! The work is specific. It’s customized to the needs of the client. It’s always about positive messaging and rich content. He provides a clear, comprehensive assessment of the entire online presence of the client. From there, a guiding and encouraging partnership in creating and honing the best and most consistent brand… not driven by trends but rather by the intention and talent of the client. I can honestly say I don’t know of a service quite like this and I would recommend it to any professional seeking to enhance his or her web presence and create a dynamic and successful profile.”

-James Beaman, Actor + Coach, New York, NY