"Guarantee this class will blow your mind... holistic approach"

"I had a website that I wasn't pleased with and I didn't have any strategy for how to approach my online presence. I felt like it was a big job, but I was excited—because Tony is awesome. He is a knowledgeable, calm, and fantastic guide for how to approach one's online presence without it feeling too overwhelming. I love Tony’s way of looking at social media—he knows it is based in being real people first. I trust all his advice and have learned so much from his course. Even if you think you know how to use social media, I guarantee this class will blow your mind. Brilliant—showed me how to use social media in a way I had never conceived of. It’s just so wonderful to have someone who has knowledge in the area, and is a guru in this online world! I love his holistic approach to the work!”

-Shiloh Goodin, Artist + Entrepreneur, New York, NY