Hello Victoria & Emily!

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me and consider me as a teacher. 

My method (or "five stages") can be taught in one workshop, or more fully executed in a series of classes.

Please do what's best for your students and The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. 

I'm enthusiastic about the possibilities and look forward to your response!

-Tony Howell


Big Picture Brand Bootcamp (Workshop)

The truth? Your web presence is currently working for or against you—that's 24/7/365 and around-the-world. 

In this 90-minute event, you will:

  • Strategize a "big picture" plan for your brand, life and career. 

  • Learn how to balance your online and offline lives, as well as your personal and professional personas. 

  • Discover the simple secrets to successful photo and video shoots. 

  • End your website shame, confusion and fears. 

  • Get the formulas to achieve real results on social media.

  • Stop the #1 mistake of Apple users everywhere. 

  • Start to love the power and possibilities provided by digital technology! 

Whether you're an established presence or an emerging brand, do not miss this inspiring and informative workshop. Tony will share his proven 5-step plan to "design your future" and guide you through some instant implementation in the room. Understanding how to use the marketing and networking tools available, and to constantly increase results, is crucial to your career's success. 

See larger possibilities for yourself—and learn how to get results more quickly, easily, and effectively. You'll leave with a deeper sense of purpose, power and a more professionally polished presence!

Register now and please arrive early. No need to bring anything except a pen or a pencil.


Your Brand = Your business (Series)

Fact: anyone with a birth certificate has a personal brand. With the global rise of social media and mobile technology, every single person now has a powerful platform.

In this series of workshops on building your personal brand and web presence, Tony Howell (Digital Strategist for Artists), will lead you through his five proven “stages” to "design your future." Students will be able to more easily create brand recognition, employment opportunities, and V.I.P. relationships. Digitally, they’ll own impressive media materials, a website that shapes their Google searches and gets results, a growing social media empire, and inbox they fully control and love.


Presence: Personal Branding + Photoshoot Prep

(1-3 Classes)

  • Your Why = Your Way

    • Big Picture Branding

    • The Wonderful 1:1:1 of YOU

    • 5 Formulas to Business Success

  • Claim Your Name

    • Domain

    • Social Media

    • Email

  • Photo Shoot Preparation

    • Headshots: The Perfect Profile Picture

    • Portfolio: Billboards + Bulletin Boards for Coverphotos


(Optional classes on Pro Media—covering reels, self-tape auditions, voice demos, handling interviews, etc.)


Website Workshops: Google to Email Signature

(1-3 Classes)

  • 3 Reasons You Need Website

    • Control Google Results

    • Control Storytelling

    • Capture Interest

  • One-Page Design

    • Who Are You? (Name, Photo, and “Wow” First Impression)

    • What Do You Do? (Show Us)

    • How Can I Contact You? (Email and Social Media)

  • Multi-Page Design

    • "Dream Home" and "24/7 Content Buffet"

    • Installing Google Tools + Routine Maintenance

    • Self-Submission


#Smartists: Social Media for Artists

(1-3 Classes)

  • Purpose

    • Start with Why

    • Personal Uses of Social Media

  • Platforms

    • Choosing Networks

    • Creating New Accounts

    • Profile Checklist

  • Posts

    • Art + Copy

    • Content Bank

    • Post on Purpose

    • Post per Platform

  • People

    • Connection and Community

    • How to Network Up

    • Using Analytics (or Ads) to see what's resonating and boost it


(Optional classes on Email—email accounts/addresses, signatures, subscriber lists, email marketing, email etiquette/management)



Big Picture Brand Bootcamp (5 Stages - Condensed FREE Version)

Branding (Stage 1 of 5)