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Tony Howell


Raise Your Profile + Change Your Status

Even though you're an established pro, you still need to study the latest ways to promote yourself. 

The Social Artist Training (S.A.T.) is an affordable step-by-step eCourse on digital marketing and networking—designed specifically for creative professionals like you!

Alongside an international community of artists and world class guest experts, we'll design a comprehensive brand and online presence to serve as a vehicle to achieving your offline goals 24/7 and around the world.

Are you ready to take things to the next level?


The S.A.T. Syllabus:


You'll learn how to define, present, manage and grow your brand. You'll get clarity on your best self, goals and audience—then set the stage for how you want to be seen! 



You'll learn how to make the most of existing photos—plus learn how to craft and leverage future photoshoots to really take control of your image and brand!



End your technical confusion or website shame. Create "WOW" factor with your homepage and learn how to keep people coming back for more!  



We'll optimize all of your profiles and teach you how to become offline friends with industry VIPs through social networking. Plus, learn tips to better manage your social media.



Connect all the dots! Using your daily email, we'll craft stronger, lasting impressions and better relationships. 



Special Guests


Cesar Rocha (responsible for casting Paramour, Wicked, Kinky Boots and more) will join us for an exclusive Q&A! Get insight on how Telsey + Company uses artists' online presence to make decisions.



 Justin Patterson, Broadway actor-photographer-father, will join us for an exclusive Q&A on the multi-hyphenate creative life. We'll also go in-depth on preparing for photo and video shoots!



Andrew Briedis (a.k.a. Annoying Actor Friend) will join us for an exclusive seminar on social media! Get masterful insight on content, growth, branding and timing.



Dallas Travers helps creatives feel as confident about their business as they do about their craft. An award-winning author and coach, Dallas will lead an exclusive class on writing emails that get results.






No guesswork! I've broken everything down and give you weekly checklists to help you stay on track.



Join an international artist community on Facebook—a supportive group and safe space to ask questions, get feedback and more.



I've totally got your back and will be answering your questions every single week—offering individualized feedback, technical support and resources!



Years down the road, you'll still have this timeless training. It also means you can take this course at your own pace and refer back to it as often as you need. 



READY for School?



Wait... Who are you?


I'm Tony Howell, founder of the Social Artist Training—now in its third (and perhaps final) year.

The highlights of my story are that I've spent 20+ years in AEA theatre, 7+ years in Broadway marketing, and now 3+ years helping artists around the world to make things happen! 

I'm not currently acting or auditioning. My artistic purpose has always been to make a difference and leave a legacy. My business feels like a new calling... the synergy of my talents. I now inspire and inform by telling others' stories online! 

From all of my experiences in entrepreneurship and entertainment, I uniquely understand artists, business and "the business." 

I also know the S.A.T. gets results! I've done this work for myself and hundreds of others. My clients and I have seen incredible results... booking Broadway shows, network TV roles, major films, meetings, audition appointments, new reps, offline VIP friendships and more. 

I know it might seem to good to be true, but you don't have to just take my word for it...




QUESTIONS + concerns?

I'll answer the most frequently asked... but please say [email protected] if there's something I haven't addressed!



Similar programs charge $800-$2000. I know because I've taken them. Beyond my daily work in this field and success as a performer, I've studied with the best—Marie Forleo, Michael Hyatt, Laura Roeder and Dallas Travers. My five-week program (with lifetime access) is a one-time investment of $397. 



The live course runs 8/15 to 9/18/16. New modules open on Mondays—giving you the entire week to watch the videos. The Q&A's happen on Saturday mornings at 11am EST—giving you the weekend to catch up and implement. If you're unable to attend the Q&A, just submit your questions in advance!



The videos are all under 20 minutes. I recommend scheduling ~60 minutes each week to not only watch the video, but then implement the training! 



I've made this training as simple as possible—with plenty of helpful screenshots and links to additional resources. Your mind may be blown, but in the best of ways! You can do all of this and you'll have a surplus of support.



I'm really glad you asked this...

I stand behind the value and integrity of this program with great pride. I invite you to fully participate in the Social Artist Training until August 28, 2016. If you don’t feel like I'm delivering more than your money's worth, I will happily refund 100% of your money.

NOTE: Just like any educational investment, results are never instant or guaranteed. I'm giving you my best knowledge and tools—what you create with them is completely up to you! I do require your completed homework from the first two modules before refunding your money. Why? Because I know that if you do the work, you'll absolutely see the benefits and the value. Please send all completed homework to [email protected] before 11:59 pm EST on August 28, 2016 to qualify for your refund.


Let's recap...


ready for results?

If you're ready to learn, I'd love to teach you how to create lasting offline results from your online presence!