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Tony Howell


  • GoogleDoc + GoogleSheet
  • Post-It Notes - sometimes paper is just better/easier!
  • - sexy to-do list with the satisfaction of crossing things off!
  • - it’s important to set intentions, speak gratitude and recognize your daily achievements!
  • - Daily writing... create before you consume! Inwards, then onwards and upwards!
  • - mind mapping
  • - outline a different way
  • - Collect that data. Think about your first impression (wine label) as well as essence/vibe/work (your unique rosé, okay?!)
  • - See results and feedback in a visual way. What are the recurring themes/words?
  • - See if your name is available + test alternates.
  • or - Buy your domain(s)!
  •  - Set up [email protected]? (Can also go through domain provider... may not get the Google filters and features)
  • - Unfollow those that don’t follow you?
  • - My preferred headshot printer (order small and then take advantage of promotions)
  • - Great company in NYC
  • - AWESOME business cards, post cards, etc.  (order small and then take advantage of promotions)
  • - Cheap business cards, post cards, etc. (sometimes don't like the color or paper quality)