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Tony Howell


Branding + Photos

Perfect Class if you're... 

  • A multi-passionate creative needing clarity and direction in your branding.
  • Thinking about getting new photos in the next few months.
  • Identity has evolved—such as a new last name, career, business idea, etc.
  • Feeling somewhat lost, defeated, or behind in making a name for yourself.
  • Ready to build your brand (in order to grow your business).

Four Exclusive Workshops

Mondays in NYC or Thursdays via Zoom from 6-8pm EST.


Class #1: Purpose + Planning

Start with Why: We'll zoom out from WHAT you do and focus on WHY you became an artist to begin with. This offers clarity and direction—creating new ways of HOW to fulfill your purpose. It often magnetizes audiences, too!

The Wonderful 1:1:1 of YOU: My unique formula that can be applied for both macro (big branding and identity decisions) or micro (what to share on Instagram or Facebook). 

Permission Slips: We'll do this silly but essential exercise to give yourself and your fellow classmates the opportunity to look at yourselves differently. We'll find inspiration from successful artists and celebrities (such as Sondheim and Lin-Manuel) who didn't require permission to make a name for themselves.

Biggest Takeaway: Big-picture strategy + conscious step-by-step daily actions.


Class #2: Peoples' PerSPECTIVES


Brand Perceptions: Using examples of other people and physical products, we'll examine how we all make different snap judgements or decisions.

Advertising Trade Secrets: Learn how to stand out and be remembered from my lessons on traditional tv/radio/print.

Market Research/Consumer Insights: Fancy schmancy business words meaning an examination (or affirmation) on how people perceive you—your "type" if we're using industry words. Through an optional (but fun and informative) survey, you'll get feedback on where you are today.

Biggest Takeway: Comparison of how others see you vs. how you want to be seen!


Class #3: Professional Presence

Claim Your Name: Get professional assistance with establishing a consistent and professional address for your URL, email, and social handles. This means how/where to set up, [email protected] or even [email protected], and @YourName everywhere—as well as what to do if your name's taken or changes!

Social Checklist: Regardless of what new social network comes next, you'll always be equipped with my recipe to brand your profile.

Biggest Takeway: Full and official ownership of #YourName!


Class #4: Photoshoot Preparation

Before: Choosing a photographer, location, wardrobe, hair and makeup.

During: Communicating vision and needs to the photographer (in terms of formatting/cropping, style, and marketing purposes) and then dropping in to capture your best self!

After: Handling the proofs, choosing/ordering retouches, and fully implementing new photos both online and offline (such as ordering business cards).

Biggest Takeway: Get the most out of your next photoshoot by getting a variety of images that sell YOU and produce results!


Four Spots per Class

Mondays in NYC or Thursdays via Zoom from 6-8pm EST.



"Tony helped organize my thoughts in this scattered brain of mine... which is something that I feel like all artists and all business people can attest to. This class is amazing because it helps you take your personal branding to the next level. You spend so much money on headshots and pictures every six months... then don't know what the heck to do with them or how to prepare. That's the best part of this class for sure—what to do and how to prepare for that photoshoot you're paying a bajillion dollars for."

Chadaé Nichol



"I've never taken a class about the business of show business. I would absolutely encourage and recommend everyone to take this class because it's really crystalized for me what the steps I need to take to get my career to the next level."  

Jessica Hendy




"The biggest thing you'll get out of it is a really clear way of thinking about yourself as a brand—that you are your brand. So often we can get caught up in what should I wear, how do I present myself, my hair. He gives you very specific creative tools (little secrets I don't want to give away) that were truly eye-opening: to see myself as a real brand and very high-level artist. It's fun! It's a small group environment—a community of really like-minded people who are committed to rocking theirselves as artists and a business—instead of waiting home and crying waiting for Bernard Telsey to call you."

Marisa Fratto



"Trying to figure out how to get yourself out there and promote yourself without being cheesy or over the top? You need to take this class. Tony really knows how to clarify what you're trying to do and make sure you're really confident in presenting that. It's not just getting pictures or a website. It's what are you trying to build and who are you trying to connect with? Let's clarify that and get down to business and actually do that. You'll be surprised at who actually contacts you! 

Jason Fowler



"He was able to show me how to make myself known in a way I hadn't a clue how to do. So far, I have an amazing little web page (that's my very own). It shows up on Google and I've had people express interest in working with me as a lyricist and someone asked me to write a song for them... so I'm really happy! Even though you could take the time to figure it out yourself, just having that expert there to really guide and push you forward is amazing. Then you know you're headed in the right direction! Think about the amount of money you'll spend to take the class is going to pay off in terms of the time you'd take otherwise to try to figure it out yourself."

Jackie S. Freeman




+ What if I miss a class?

My preference is that you arrive early and stay until the end of each class. However, I understand that $#!t happens! If you miss (some or all of) class, the Thursday night classes will be recorded and remain easily accessible in a private membership website.

+ Where are classes?

Monday night classes will be at my studio in Harlem. Thursday night classes will take place online. I'll send you the online/offline address upon registration.

+ What do I need to bring?

You'll probably want a computer, but a smart phone or tablet work, too.

+ What if I'm not tech savvy?

If you can "FaceTime", you can absolutely do this. I'm going to do the heavylifting and build in time for questions and step-by-step assistance. If needed, you can schedule a private consultation with me—but most social networks and domain/email providers have techinical support teams available 24/7 and for free!

+ What if I have new photos?

Great! You can still learn how to best implement them and be even more prepared for your next photoshoot!

+ What if I’m not happy?

If you're not happy by the end of the first class, I will happily refund your money. If I don't deliver the value, I don't deserve your money!

Did I miss anything? Just email [email protected].


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