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Explanation of Fee: Total fee ($2500) covers:

  • Photoshoot Strategy
  • Coverpage ASAP (a.k.a. "the apartment") 
    • Branded Email
    • Branded Social Media
    • 12 months of website and email hosting
  •  ull website design/development/launch of new 20-page website in June 2018 (a.k.a. "the dream home")
  • Custom video tutorials on how to launch and leverage website
  • Custom video tutorials and full access to all future updates

Photoshoot Strategy: CSM will help the client select photographer, plan photoshoot in terms of location, wardrobe, etc. and even work to be on set in the NYC area. Our fee does not include the cost of the images—subject to the photographer's pricing.

Domain(s): Squarespace hosting includes one free domain. CSM will help client strategize this selection. Beyond the first year, domain ownership of new and existing domain(s) are subject to the registrars' costs—to be covered by the client. Our fee includes strategy selecting and connecting domain(s).

Hosting: Creative Social Media builds on the content management system Squarespace. The first twelve months of hosting is covered in our fee. Following the first year, hosting is subject to Squarespace pricing (currently $18/month, billed annually). 

Social Media: Our fee covers the optimization of client’s social channels/profiles. It does not cover ongoing content strategy or social media management.

Email: Set up [email protected], email signature, email list, and email template. It includes one sent campaign—announcing your website! Following the first year, hosting is subject to GSuite pricing (currently $5/month, billed annually). 

Any additional services or out-of-pocket expenses are billed separately and shall be subject to prior approval by client and presentation of original receipts for all approves expenses incurred. 

Deposit: Deposit is non-refundable once work begins. Deposit indicates agreement to full terms and conditions outlined below and a personal guarantee that project will be paid in full upon satisfactory completion as outlined above. 

Rush/Late Fees: Our timeline for a full website design is a maximum of four weeks. The design/revision timeline depends on client preparation and communication. We should have all website materials (including new proofs) by 6/1/18. Additional content after this deadline will be timed as revisions and included in the 20 hour budget. If the client desires a full website before four weeks, CSM will invoice $120/hour for "rush" project completion. Late fees of 3% interest per week will be charged for late payments after 10 days.

Process: Client agrees to provide questionnaire responses and any additional website materials to CSM before 6/1/2018. This includes:

  • All text (brand ideas, passwords, bio, news items, etc.) in private Google Document
  • All files (photos, videos, PDFs, etc.) in shared Dropbox

    Changes in Scope: Changes to the scope of the project (major revisions, layout alterations, or structural changes after the approval of the development site) may result in additional fees—depending on the size and scope of the changes. Site scope includes, but isn’t limited to:

    • maximum number of pages (20)
    • maximum hours for revisions (20)
    • maximum time devoted to full website (4 weeks)

    Cancellation: Should the project be cancelled by client before completion, payment will be due for any completed work minus the deposit amount.

    Updates: Beyond building a sleek website and optimizing the client’s social media and email presence, Creative Social Media agrees to teach the client how to manage, update and grow with these channels through custom video tutorials. After the launch, all additional pages, content, updates and changes are the client’s responsibility. Unless specified above, content after the 6/1/18 deadline will be considered revisions. Any updates or revisions beyond the 20-hour budget will be invoiced at $120/hour.

    Confidentiality + Ownership: All work created for the client and any concepts discussed are kept confidential. We reserve the right to distribute or publish (for our firms promotional and marketing needs) any work we create for you, including mock-ups, as samples for our portfolio, blog, presentations or similar media. 

    Errors + Omissions: It is the client's responsibility to check the development site carefully for accuracy in all respects, ranging from spelling to technical errors. Creative Social Media is responsible for errors/omissions up to 31-days after the website launch. Design revisions or content updates during this time will fall into the 20-hour budget for website revisions. Beyond these budgets, website updates and changes will be billed at $120/hour. Following website launch, CSM is not liable for technical support. Client agrees to transition to Squarespace for these needs or hire CSM for additional support and updates.

    Fee Schedule:

    • $500 Deposit
    • $1000 Development (6/1/18)
    • $1000 Launch (7/1/18) lets build a f%@#!% incredible brand/empire/website/digital legacy together! 💗