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I believe “partners” are two people who are aligned in purpose—committed to achieving outstanding results together, and (most importantly) making a difference in someone else’s life.

I would be honored to have you join my partner program. Together, we can help more people create offline success through their online presence!


2019 Presence Promotion

Presence is $497. Partners receive 50%, or $250 per sale. Two artists will be awarded a full scholarship, and a percentage of profits will be donated to BC/EFA.



If you’re interested, please register for a special partner link using the button below. That will help you track your individual clicks and conversions.

Once you have your special link, I would encourage your audience to sign up for the FREE “Boarding Visions: Flight 2019” training. This will help me teach them about the opportunity and earn their trust.

I’m also open to partnering and collaborating with you as much as I am able: blogs, podcasts, recorded videos, or even LIVE events! Other partners have had great success offering a bonus for those that purchase the program using their link: perhaps a product or 1:1 service? Up to you!

Step 2: Creatively Share Opportunity

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  • Monday, 12/10/18 - First FREE Video (Honor Your Past)

  • Thursday, 12/13/18 - Second FREE Video (Present Your Present)

  • Saturday, 12/15/18 - Third FREE Video (Design Your Future) + Scholarship Instructions

  • Sunday, 12/16/18 @ 9pm EST - Scholarship Deadline

  • Monday, 12/17/18 @ 10am EST- Scholarship Recipients + Cart OPEN

  • Sunday, 12/23/18 @ 9pm EST - Cart CLOSE

  • Monday, 12/31/18 @ 10am EST - First Day of 2019 Presence

If you want to chat about collaborating in some way on promoting to your audience in the next few days, let's talk ASAP!  I welcome feedback, ideas, and questions. 



Boarding Visions:

Flight 2019


Want a free seat in the first class? Limited time offer exclusively for artists, dreamers, and visionaries ready for the next level. In this free video series, you will set sight on where you want to go next year, raise your visibility, and look back to acknowledge how far you've already come!

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Email #1

Free seat in first class?


Hi <<First Name>>,

What do an airport, idea, holiday season, and years of artistic and entrepreneurial experience have in common?

You’re about to find out!

I’m excited to present you with a free seat in the first class of Flight 2019. 

Click here to begin Boarding Visions. ✈️ [Your Special Link]

While I know it’s an incredibly busy time of year, I strongly encourage you make the time for yourself to take Flight 2019. It will help you set sight on where you want to go next year, raise your current visibility, and look back to acknowledge how far you've already come! 

Ready for takeoff,

P.S. If you want to bring a travel buddy (or a few), feel free to share the opportunity. [Your Special Link] There are still a few seats available in the first class! 🥂


Email #2

Priority Boarding for Business Class


<<First Name>>!!!

Before you share your #TopNine on Instagram or 2018 year-in-review video from Facebook, be sure to watch this new video training. It was scheduled to come out tomorrow, but I want you to have it tonight!

Click here for Boarding Visions: Flight 2019. [Your Special Link]

I think you'll especially enjoy this series if you've ever wondered how (or even why) to put yourself out there... or consider yourself to not be the most tech savvy. 

Be sure to comment below the video so that we can connect. I'll also respond to any questions you may have. Would love to help you figure this area out... how you can be equally exceptional online as you are offline. 

Happy Holidays,


Email #3

Personal Story + Urgent Scholarship Opportunity


Hi <<First Name>>,

I’d like to tell you a story. It’s about WHY I do what I do, and why I’d like to help you articulate and achieve your 2019 goals.

A few years ago, on what I lovingly call my “Eat, Pray, Get Over Him” world tour, I was watching Dancer (an incredible documentary) while flying back to NYC from Paris.

I don't know if it was the red eye or the red wine, but I was shook: this movie created a lightbulb moment and lifelong memory.

The movie studies and showcases Sergei Polunin. You may know him from a viral dance video he created to "Take Me to Church."

The big lightbulb for me was I realized he now has a permanent, digital legacy... not just an ephemeral dance career.

I realized that's partly what I do for artists. 

But you wanna know what made me cry in the best way possible? 

After showing "Take Me to Church," there's a montage of little kids around the world dancing along in their living rooms—thanks to YouTube! 

THIS is why I do what I do… helping you reach more people with your work today, but also after you're gone.

If you're only focused on followers, likes, views, and clicks... you're missing the whole point. 

Will you do me a favor?

Click here for a free seat on Flight 2019. ️[Your Special Link]

The reason I wanted to share this story with you (as well as this free video series) is because I want you to really get to know me. And I want you to know that I truly want to help you!

Let me know if you have any questions?

Have a great weekend,

P.S. If you're interested in a scholarship to my Presence program, be sure to watch this video ASAP.  ️[Your Special Link] Scholarship applications are due by Sunday, December 16th at 9pm EST.



Creating Fame with Your Name + Great Photos


Most people think branding themselves is all about fonts, colors, and a logo. Think again! 

Your brand is your name. Your logo is your face. Your business is your reputation.

Inside Presence, you’ll discover how to:

  • Share + give (not sell) in order to create more money.

  • Create a stunning portfolio of lucrative images.

  • Become recognized + remembered in your field.

  • Take your personal brand + business to the next level! 

This is the entire branding method that Tony Howell has used on hundreds of clients—including Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Olivier, and Tony award-winning clientele. Registration closes Sunday, December 23rd at 9pm EST.

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Tony Howell

Digital Strategist for Artists


Tony Howell is a Digital Strategist for Emmy, Grammy, Tony, Oscar, and Olivier award-winning artists. Featured by Google, SAG-AFTRA Foundation, Actors’ Equity Association, NYU and more, his writing also appears regularly in Backstage. Before becoming an entrepreneur, he was an actor performing on Broadway, Off-Broadway, The Kennedy Center, National Tours, and more. His new job (and joy) is to “Design Your Future” — building your brand and business to change the world. In addition to offering scholarships to his annual programs, Tony donates 100% of all the profits from his book, Artists to Artist to the ACLU, and a percentage of annual profits to various arts organizations. Learn more at



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