Katherine McClintic

Business Manager

Katherine McClintic is passionate about customer experience, team culture, and transparency, which all culminates in the art of communication. She is pumped to be on a team with a leader at the helm who embodies these values. Katherine’s career began as a dancer who needed a survival job and gracefully stumbled into a niche of product, sales and team management at Barnes and Noble, Kiehl’s Since 1851, and Central Presbyterian Church. These opportunities lead her to working in an online start-up and to becoming the Retail Store Manager for both online and in-store sales at LaDuca Shoes. At LaDuca Shoes she had the opportunity to daily connect with performers, costume designers, directors and choreographers while running customer service and daily operations for this large brand.

Katherine regularly dances for the stunning Pattaya Hart(Plu Sayampol), and has performed and choreographed several projects for the MFA program at Columbia University. As a lifelong learner she frequents dance classes, theaters and art galleries around New York City. Katherine can be found at home dabbling in poetry, songwriting and learning the ukulele and electric guitar. The platypus is her favorite animal because they are as multifaceted as she hopes to be.