Gregg Monteith

Show Producer

Gregg has a passion for learning new things. It was this passion that has led him to producing, shooting, and editing videos for a multitude of clients over the past 8 years. Selected clients include Broadway Inspirational Voices, Keller Williams, Breathe For Change, and NYJTL. Before that, he had traveled the world playing drums for Broadway shows, including Elf at Madison Square Garden and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast with Tony! As a musician, Gregg has performed in every state in the US…except Alaska. 

He’s currently working on multiple projects, but is most interested in the video series he’s creating for new cancer patients to aid in their recovery. 

When Gregg is not out creating, he spends as much time as possible with his wife Karen, and their impossibly cute dog, Oscar. He also knows where the best chicken is in most areas of the country. Trust me, ask him.