It really does take teamwork to make the dream work. Thank you to the following artists and collaborators.


Jonathan Freeland

Jonathan is the newest member to the team! Beyond being an incredible actor, singer, dancer, entrepreneur, photographer, designer and team player, Jonathan is a great guy! I'm lucky to have him on board and look forward to what we create together.


Maggie McNeil

Maggie has been with me the longest. Beyond being an incredible actor, singer, strategist, designer, leader, wife, mother and team player, Maggie is an extraordinary human. She's an incredible asset to my company and many others. 


Gregg Monteith

Gregg and I have been friends the longest—we toured together with Disney's Beauty and the Beast in 2010. Gregg is an incredible videographer, musician, storyteller, friend, husband and collaborator. He's helped me reach more people with my message and elevated my brand. More videos ahead!


Fancy Design

Tung Lam designed this incredible logo for me and has subsequently helped a few of my clients. Beyond his exceptional artistic talents, his designs are incredibly strategic, his deliverables, customer service and pricing are also extraordinary. 


Dirty Sugar

The squad at this awesome Brooklyn-based creative studio is also world class. They were true collaborators in terms of set up, location, preparation, retouching and more. 


Justin Patterson

Broadway actor-photographer-father, Justin Patterson is an extraordinary artist and human. After going over objectives for my shoot, Justin over delivered with incredible images that have lasted me for years!


Bjorn Bolinder

Photographer/Actor/Poet Bjorn Bolinder is also an extraordinary artist and human. I'm so grateful for the photos and videos he's contributed... as well as the incredible work he's done for my clients.