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Tony Howell

Hello WIlson!

Thank you for considering me as a guest instructor for your students.

While websites are the cornerstone of what I do, I do have a keynote sharing my full method (or "five stages") that's ready to go. I'm also looking for a school to pilot a "Weekend Website Workshop" with.

Please peruse through the materials below and contact me so that we can solidify plans and make this happen! I'm enthusiastic about the possibilities and look forward to your response.

-Tony Howell


Big Picture Brand Bootcamp 

In this 90-minute event, you will:

  • Strategize a "big picture" plan for your brand, life and career. 

  • Learn how to balance your online and offline lives, as well as your personal and professional personas. 

  • Discover the simple secrets to successful photo and video shoots. 

  • End your website shame, confusion and fears. 

  • Get the formulas to achieve real results on social media.

  • Stop the #1 mistake of Apple users everywhere. 

  • Start to love the power and possibilities provided by digital technology! 


Big Picture Brand Bootcamp (Condensed FREE Version)


Testimonials (Multi-Video Playlist)



Websites that Win Work

In this singular 90-minute event, or full weekend experience, you will:

  • Connect the dots between branding, photos, websites, social networks, and email

  • Learn how to shape your Google results

  • Learn pro tips to design your own website

  • Learn strategies to grow your audience using new website

  • Learn strategies to book more work using new website


Sample Instruction


NYC Student Reviews (branding class)