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Tony Howell

Tony's Bookshelf

These are a few of my Favorite Reads!


WHY: I'm currently reading this book. Thus far, I enjoy Carol's thoughts on personally defining words like success, job, work and career. She also has some great tips to increase creativity.



WHY: Every creative career has its own version of a sh!t sandwich. Elizabeth Gilbert helps eliminate the precious and the bull-shit so that you can get out of your own way and start living a more creative life immediately.


Shut Up and Tweet
By Phil Pallen

WHY: This short read helps beginners and advanced Twitter users really understand the platform. Twitter often intimidates people. Phil makes it simple and easy—teaches you how to become a Twitter pro! 



WHY: If you want to act, sing, dance, draw, etc... you will probably have to overcome self-denial and other mindset blocks along the way. This book from 1863 is timeless advice for any and every artist.



WHY: Gary Vaynerchuk is awesome!! He understands the nuances of context and content and teaches you how to stand out by adding value in various ways.



WHY: Making things happen is what we're all about. Steven Pressfield teaches you to get out of your own way—eliminating excuses or other forms of resistance so that you can really and fully do what you're called to!



WHY: If you want people to follow you, you have to learn how to inspire them to action. This book is incredible. It will remind you the power you have and give you the tools to start a movement.



WHY: Amy's book shows you how to address social media from personal brands to big brands. It highlights the power and responsibility we all have by putting ourselves "out there".


The Artist's Way
By Julia Cameron

WHY: At some point, your inner fire may go out. An artist must learn to deal with rejection, criticism, failure and much more. This book is a classic (and must read)—whether it's your first time or routine renewal source.