What's a Brand?


Brand = Name + Identity


While I've started with business brands as examples, personal brands are the same: name and identity.

Everyone has a name. How do you craft an identity or a brand?

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 8.55.37 AM.png

Your government ID is your name and image.

If you're competing for your name, it might be smart to add your middle name or change your last name. That said, there's more than one Ellen, Mandy Moore, and Tony Howell in the world... make the best choice for you today. 

In personal branding, identity goes deeper than your name and photography! It includes your self-image, personality, and reputation.

  • How do you see yourself?

  • How does the industry see you?

  • Where do you see yourself?

  • Where does the industry see you?

Sometimes, those things are not aligned. Branding is about as much alignment and consistency as possible.

  • internal ↔︎ external.

  • online ↔︎ offline.

  • artist ↔︎ audience.

  • product ↔︎ consumer.

"Branding" is defined as promotion by means of distinctive design.

The best way to build your brand is to be distinct, or recognizably different.

Honor what makes you unique and special. Have courage, and then put your full, authentic, and singular self "out there."  

Be the CEO of You, Inc. 
(You may even do better at taxes this way!)
— @TonyHowell

Little Action Step

Think of how frequently the green mermaid, swoosh symbol, or golden arches pop into your world! When you create a consistent ID, it's easier for people to recognize and remember you.

Right now, make your profile picture consistent on all profiles—both web and print!

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