Tony's Launch Formula


Content can take many forms...

  • Some is LIVE.

  • Some is media.

  • Some is free.

  • Some is paid.

Regardless, use these proven launch ideas to share your newest creation.




You'll want to do a bit of promotion before your release date. The idea is that you build up awareness and excitement so that people are ready to consume (or buy) your content when it's released.

The art of the tease goes all the way back to the forbidden fruit with Adam and Eve. We want what we can't (yet) have. It's why we have movie trailers, "teasers" on web/TV/radio/print, cast and venue announcements, etc.

There's also the "Rule of Seven" from advertising. Research shows a consumer needs to hear a message an average of seven times before it sticks or converts. Those seven impression don't have to be the exact same teaser or come through only one particular platform. Get creative!


Pre-Sales or V.I.P. list

In addition to growing awareness, you're at a loss if you try to launch without an audience. You can easily gather an audience during your pre-release promotions by sending them to email or social media.

Keep in mind that no one wants to be a "subscriber" or "follower." Instead, offer them alerts/notifications, V.I.P. access, first editions, etc. Don't miss this opportunity to grow your audience or bank account!


Release Day

Beyoncé Drop

What was revolutionary about the Beyoncé album was it took the binge factor/experience of a new album and amplified it with visual elements (a.k.a. music videos). Like Bey, can you do things in a way that remixes industry norms? Is it best to completely surprise everyone with your amazing new creation?


Network Drip

The beauty of television (or your recurring web series, blog, live performance, etc.) is that your content gains momentum as audiences do word-of-mouth marketing for you. Dripped content is about getting people hooked... then continuing the tease consistently.


Drip/Drop Freemium

Working with Mommy Blogger Series (which just got picked up!), we came up with a combination. You can watch weekly episodes for free, but you have to "pay"  to get the full season. Payment can be your email address, watching ads, or an actual fee. 

I call this the freemium. We see it more and more in traditional publishing. Think of the pricing tiers with Hulu and Spotify (with or without commercials) or The New York Times (10 free articles a month).

I honestly think that network television series will go the way of a "Drip/Drop Freemium" where anyone can watch a show for free weekly, but people pay to binge the entire season without commercials. 


Opening/Release Party

Do you want to make a splash with a party? The idea is that this celebratory event helps get the word out, too—whether through traditional PR or social media. Ideally both! Be sure to have a photographer and invite press, celebrities, and social media influencers.



Promotion > Creation

You are an artist, so you want to just focus on the work—whether this piece of content or your next creation. Still, I'll tell you that you should promote as much as (if not more than) you create. Think of long-running shows like Chicago, big brands like Facebook, veteran artists like Jennifer Lopez. Always work to keep things relevant, fresh, and exciting.


Disney Decisions

I like to think of Cinderella. Is it always available? Is it LIVE? Is there a prequel, sequel or new spin-off? Is it going back in the vault or closing soon? 

Use urgency, scarcity, and spin your content to collect more income, impact, or opportunities. 

Have any "aha!" moments? Comment below!