The ABC's of Content Creation


Always Be Contextual

Just like the rules of acting, comedy or speaking—play to the room. Each "room" in your "online empire" has a different audience.

What are you serving in your friendly Facebook family room, pretty Pinterest parlor, tribal Twitter teepee, etcetera? Think like a DJ or chef and spin your content for the context of each channel.


Always Be Contributing

Social media gives you the power to instantly reach hundreds, thousands and potentially millions of people. So... why should they care? How does what you're sharing contribute value to someone's day?

Content usually contributes information or inspiration. However, your contribution may simply be exclusive access. Sharing selfies, where you are, what you're doing and how you're feeling are still contributing information and inspiration.

I wouldn't overdo the focus on you. I'd suggest sharing your stories like your own movie. Give us a solid beginning, middle and end... with perhaps a few fun twists and turns thrown in. 


Always Be Conscious

Before hitting the publish button, take a moment to think about the outcome you desire. In marketing, this is most often called a CTA, or call to action. However, you don't always need a CTA or direct command. They can be more implied. Here are some examples...

  • Click

  • Share

  • Comment

  • Consider

  • Smile

  • Laugh

  • Roll on the floor laughing out loud

Once you're conscious of your most desired outcome, take a moment to also think about who's listening. When you have clarity on both your purpose for posting and who you're speaking to, it becomes soooooo much easier to craft compelling content. 


Always Be Consistent

Consistency is super important for your brand—online and offline. Sometimes, consistency deals with how frequently you post content. However, keep consistency in the quality of your content. You're responsible for setting the expectations... and meeting them!

The goal is to create an emotional relationship with your brand—excitement when people see your name or face pop up in their feeds.


Always Be Creative

Consistency is great, but seek some creativity within your systems or structure. Don't become too predictable... people will get bored and lose interest! 

Find new and innovative ways of sharing. Feeling stuck? Research your role models for inspiration... even influencers outside of your industry. 


Always Be Caring

The internet's intended to connect us. Always play to emotions—revealing yours or provoking theirs. 


Always Be Communal

Beyond the connections above—keep in mind you can curate and share other peoples' content within your community. You don't always have to create your own. Be generous (but strategic) with shoutouts, shares, responses, etc.

Build a community—not just followers. Treat your audience(s) with the care of close friends or family. Be sure to engage with them in two-way conversations. Take the extra time to engage with their content. What goes around comes back around!


Always Be Curious

You'll never know the effects of your content if you don't take a moment to be curious. Examine the success of your goals... are people opening, clicking, sharing, commenting, following, etc?

If not, remain curious and troubleshoot what you can do to create better results for your content!