The #1 Massive Mobile Mistake


You're sending messages daily—and I'm not just talking about text, emojis, and gifs!

If you're focused on building a bigger name for yourself, please make this quick fix when it comes to email!

I now believe your email signature should simply be...






...or whatever emoji you want to add! That's 100% it. Wanna know why? 


‘Sent from my iPhone’ is literally a headline for Apple. They have enough money and business... let’s get you more.  🙌
— @TonyHowell


Give One Choice

Great design (or premium packaging) is most often minimal. While you can get very creative... no fancy formatting, graphics, code, or secondary information are needed. Make things as simple as possible! Like the iPhone's sleek design, strip things down to all that they need to be.

Please consider my formatting? I'm very specific and here's why:

  • The emoji not only adds personality, it also catches the eye and compels people to click!

  • Seeing your first and last name with capital letters helps people to separate the words ( vs.

  • We keep things even cleaner by not using the unnecessary http://, https://, or www.

Analysis paralysis is a proven thing. All of your secondary information (such as job titles, phone, email, or social links) can be communicated once you've gotten people over to your website. If your website's been designed correctly, that information is super easy to find, and you're always converting website traffic into more email subscribers, social followers, and offline job opportunities! 🤩


Just Do It... Today!

Make the time today to update your email signature. You may need to do this work on your computer, then copy and paste into your mobile devices' settings. Be patient and resourceful... you can do this!

  • Choose your emoji, add a space, then write "" with capital first and last name: 💃

  • Highlight the URL and right click to add a hyperlink: 💃

  • Email yourself to make sure the link works.

  • Copy and paste this signature to all accounts, all devices!

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