3 Tips to Kill It on Social Media


Social media can be overwhelming. You’ve got various coaches telling you what networks to join, how often to post, what to share and during what times. It can be paralyzing—especially if you’re not having fun or seeing the results you want.

Let’s agree that each social platform is different. If you want to excel on individual networks (such as Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube), you have to learn their specific strategies and best practices. You don’t just suddenly become “famous” without a real content strategy—you have to give people a reason to follow you!

The following social strategy is simple and universal. No matter what your goals are or where your talents lie, the following three ideas will help you improve your social game.


1. Model your influencers.

Why reinvent the wheel? Follow some of your role models. What are they sharing and how does that shape their brand or image? Don’t be afraid to follow influencers in your interests outside of your career. On each social network, follow people who are doing great things. 

Tune into what influencers are sharing and how. Then model what works! Ask yourself “What would _____ do?” Test things out and find what works for you.

Note: Be careful not to fall into comparison. This step is about research and inspiration. Remember that you aren’t at these influencers’ career, production, or follower level…yet. Be good to yourself. Furthermore, make sure that your brand/image development is about becoming the best version of you, not a knockoff version of others.


2. Filter your posts.

Social media is a world of quality over quantity. What you share goes out to hundreds and thousands of people. Before you publish, make sure the post is “on brand” for you. 

What does that mean? For me, “on brand” and “filtering your posts” is about increased awareness and strategy. Like the filters you use on Instagram, you always want to take the time to shape content before you share it. Take a moment to edit your photos, videos, captions, and other choices.

  • Does this reflect my best self?

  • Does this help me and/or others?

  • Am I sharing this in the best way?

Be careful not to edit and filter so much that it becomes censorship and loses all sense of personality and soul. Definitely keep plenty of authenticity and personality involved. It’s why we “like” you and want to “follow” you!


3. Go for it! 

The great thing about social media is that 99.9 percent of the time you can edit or delete your posts. That doesn’t guarantee they go away forever, but you won’t know if something works until you try it! 

If you’re feeling passionate and feel the need to share something online, chances are that you’re not alone. Go through steps one and two (to make sure that you’re not going to do yourself a disservice), but it’s absolutely okay to take a risk, make a stand, or reveal something. In fact, those posts can often be the most engaging and successful.

No matter what, how, or where you share things online, remember to always share your best self. These three tips will help!

  1. Model your influencers.

  2. Filter your posts.

  3. Go for it!