Monetizing Your Website

There are many ways to make money online. Still, like offline, there are very few get rich quick schemes!

If monetizing your brand is on your radar, let me teach you about a few opportunities.



No one really likes to see ads… but they’re a part of our daily existence. If you have a website with a lot of traffic (such as a blog or celebrity site), you can install Google AdSense. This will display super targeted ads to your audience. You can even customize what does or doesn’t appear! 


Affiliate Marketing

It’s hard to grow a community by yourself. One big way that online marketers and personalities make money is through affiliate marketing. They become ambassadors for a specific brand or service—making a commission off of recommendations that convert to sales. The biggest example of this is Amazon Associates. However, you’ll see many small businesses do this for each other.*

*I have a strong commitment to only endorsing the people, products and services I truly believe in. I have to see results or experience the value before I’ll pass anything on to my community. I’d strongly suggest you hold yourself to the same standards. You want to earn long-term trust… not make a quick buck off of people.


Influencer Marketing

This is getting paid to mention brands or products in your blogs and social media. A great example of someone who does this really well is Chelsea Foy of


If you’re interested in influencer marketing, the first step is attracting a large and loyal audience. You have to become a content creator. Once you’ve grown a significant following, brands and marketers will likely approach you. If you go seeking them, you may not be ready. Still, if you’re interested in kickstarting this, check out Cooperatize for blogging and Popular Pays for Instagram.



The best way to monetize your website is to sell something! Start selling your own services and products! You’ll have to set up an e-commerce (or shopping cart) system on your website. I recommend Squarespace’s partnership with Stripe, but I know many who use Square, PayPal, OneShoppingCart, InfusionSoft, etc. There are many options! 


How has your website helped you make money? Comment below!