The Best + Easiest Way to Update Your Website


When was the last time you updated your website? Updating your website doesn't have to be hard! 


1. Microblog your updates.

Whether a personal or business brand, you should absolutely be blogging. Blogging helps Google recognize your website as a relevant news source—therefore connecting interested parties with your content.

For personal brands (actors/artists/creatives), I recommend microblogging. It was actually my first #TellMeTony! Click here to learn more.

Essentially, microblogs are blurbs of your "latest news" (or you can call it "official news" if you're ready).

I really recommend third person reporting. This way, you (or your web designer) can use your name more often—a trick to help Google place your website at the top of search results for... your name! 


2. Embed social feeds and buttons.

Social icons (as shown below) are so 2015!

For 2016, I recommend embedding social media feeds and one-click follow buttons! 

Social feeds offer "exclusive access" into your daily life and world view. This keeps the website exciting and up-to-date—giving people a reason to return.

Social buttons help website visitors become social media subscribers. Score! More likes and followers—or a larger audience to speak to anytime you want!

Below are examples of social media feeds and follow buttons, followed by links to grab these HTML codes for your website.



Grab the embed code from "Share" underneath your video or video playlist. 

Click here to add a subscribe button for your channel (as shown above).


Facebook (Page)

Click here to add a Facebook page plugin to your website!


Facebook (Profile)

You can't embed a feed from your personal profile, but you can embed a follow button—if you turn on followers. Click here to learn more.



Click here to see all of the Twitter tools for your website!



instagram Block
This is an example. To display your Instagram posts, double-click here to add an account or select an existing connected account. Learn more.

I like Squarespace's Instagram widget the best—but there are other options

Click here to add a follow button to your website.




Click here to add a Pinterest board to your website!

When was the last time you updated your website? Comment below!