3 Ways to Add Personality to Posts

Meeting you online should be no different from meeting you offline!

I’m sure you’re fun and full of personality in real life. Today, let’s make sure that you have plenty of tools to express yourself digitally!

We sing and dance in theatre when we can no longer speak, right? Well, today let’s use some “modern art” when words fail. There’s great value in adding personality into your communication. It’s also fun!


1. Emojis.

These little guys have been around the longest. You can actually tell full stories in emoji


If you don’t have emojis installed on your phone, do a quick Google search for your device. You’re going to love adding these to your texts, tweets, and more! 👌💋


2. Bitmojis.

Bitmojis take things to the next level—your own personal emoji. You can actually create an avatar of yourself, and Bitmoji offers dozens of templates and situations to express yourself.


Create your avatar at Bitmoji.com!


3. GIFs.

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format which is basically a series of images strung together to create an animation like effect. Many people pronounce it GIF, but the correct pronunciation (per the inventor) is JIF. Choosey people use GIFs! 

I recommend saving GIFs to a folder on your phone and computer. If you’re a Mac person, use “Photos” in iCloud storage. This way, you can access them on all devices! The point is to create your own collection. Save funny GIFs that friends send you!

To find unique GIFs, I’d recommend:

To make your own, check out:

What are your favorite emojis, bitmojis, and GIFs? Leave a creative comment below! ;)

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