3 Steps Toward Mastering Your Craft

3 Steps Toward Mastering Your Craft

Whether acting, singing, dancing, tweeting, or podcasting, being a beginner at anything can be intimidating! 

However, we all have to start at the beginning. (It’s a very good place to start!)

The key when you’re a beginner (as well as every step along the way) is not to compare yourself with others.

No matter where you are or what you’re working towards, there will always be people ahead of and behind you. In addition, there will be times people “pass” you. There will also be times people fall behind you. Everyone is on their own unique path. 

Here are the three steps toward mastering your craft (in any discipline). You can apply these to performing, social media, and beyond.


1. Study the best

Studying with the best can cost a great deal of money. So…get creative! Read what you can online, buy books, study videos, and take group classes. This can be often be much cheaper than private lessons. 

Nonetheless, don’t underestimate the value (and personal productivity) of working with an expert one on one. I’m just trying to give you options here! 


2. Get experience

I’ve always learned the most through experience. It’s trial by fire, sink or swim time.

Trust me: You’re not going to die learning how to act, sing, dance, tweet, post on Instagram, etc. So, don’t be afraid of failure. Version one is better than version none. OK?!

Often, education and research can become a crutch—especially for perfectionists! At a certain point, you just have to put yourself out there. Do the thing you want to be doing! The more you do it, the better you’ll be. 


3. Get a mentor/coach

You’ve been educating yourself and getting lots of experience. At some point, you’re going to need an outside eye. If you don’t, you may find yourself in an unknown trap spinning your wheels. If you’re feeling burnt out (because you’re working really hard, but not going anywhere), find a mentor or coach.

In any field, there are hundreds of people passionate about helping others. Usually, coaches and mentors want to help others avoid the mistakes they made on their own personal journeys! 

When you’re ready (financially and/or emotionally), find the right coach or mentor to look at your skills and help you fast track to the next level.

These three steps will help you approach anything new.

Now, it’s up to you to get started! 

It may be cliché, but a journey begins with a single step. Don’t let the distance or work required keep you from getting started.

As you begin your journey to master a new skill, keep the focus on your path—where you’re going, what’s in your way, how far you’ve come, and how you can be better than the day before. 

Recognize that comparison can distract you and hold you back. Choose community over competition, abundance over scarcity. Believe that the opportunities that are meant to be yours will come to you. I do.

How do you master new skills? Comment below!

Tony Howell is a digital strategist dedicated to helping you design your future—creating offline success from your online presence.