Social Media for Shy People


Not the kind of person to post selfies… or any kind of updates on social media?!

I often hear clients and friends say the reason they’re not on “X” social network is because “they’re private” or “it’s just not [their] thing.”

So… how can an introvert feel good about sharing themselves online? 


1. Make it about your audience

In acting, you take the focus off of yourself and make it about your scene partner. For the many “monologues” of social media, your scene partner is your online audience.

Think of your friends, fans and family. Post for them!

Whether you’re introverted or extroverted, I want to challenge you to “put yourself out there.” 

I have an acronym for how you can deliver a better performance online....


2. ACT + VV

A = Authentic

In the words of Stanislavski, “The person you are is a thousand times more interesting than the best actor you could ever hope to be!” In the words of Fanny Brice, “Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be, because sooner or later, if you are posing, you will forget the pose, and then where are you?” 

In my words: no posers! Always share your best and truest self.

C = Credible

It’s not about name or credit dropping. It’s just sharing what you’re known for, who you’re with, or what you’re working on. 

Be confident. It attracts more opportunities. However, be careful not to cross the line between confidence and braggadocio. What is that line? Well… it’s transparent. 

T = Transparent

Simply share your daily life. I don’t want you to share every moment of your daily life; share your best moments! I also challenge you to share more than industry related content. You’re more than your career or résumé! Transparency is about staying truthful, active, and relatable.

+V = Value

Think about what value you can offer your audience. What’s in this post for them? Exclusive access (through transparency) is enough value. Sharing things that cause smiles, laughter and good ol' entertainment are also great value adds for creatives!

For another tangible example, saying “Buy tickets to my show!” isn’t as valuable (or productive) as sharing an exclusive photo or video from rehearsal, and letting people know “There are only a few tickets left!”

+v = Vulnerability

It’s okay to let your guard down. Be a human, not just a headshot. Whether things are at their best or their worst, always add in some vulnerability. That’s gratitude, humility or personality. It’s okay to get a little emotional—but please refer to the previous “V” before you spill your guts negatively! Remember, you have a “scene partner” of hundreds, if not thousands, of audience members. Connect through your mutual humanity.

Even if you’re shy, humble or “private,” don’t limit or stop yourself. You have an international audience waiting to be moved, inspired, taught and changed! The internet can be your global stage. If you ACT+VV, “putting yourself out there” should reap some real rewards! 

What’s one thing you do to promote your work without bragging? Comment below!